How is the theme of revenge in The Crucible?

The theme of revenge is in the crucible through Abigail Williams, who is jealous of John Proctor's wife Elizabeth. She accuses her of witchcraft by saying that she sent her spirit to stab Abby with a needle. She wants Elizabeth dead because Abby wants John Proctor. They had an affair, and Abby still loves him. After finding out about the affair, Elizabeth fires Abby, so Abby is obviously not happy about that.

Also, revenge is shown through Ann Putnam who openly discusses how Rebecca Nurse delivered all eight of her children, and only one survived. Mrs. Putnam thinks that Goody Nurse is a witch and killed the children on purpose.

Lastly, revenge is shown through Thomas Putnam who accuses people through his daughter Ruth of witchcraft. Once the person accused has either been hanged or put in jail, he buys their land. Thomas Putnam does this to people he wants revenge on (which is pretty much everyone in Salem).