How is the timing chain tensioner reset on a 1997 grandam with a 2.4 quad four?

This is for the timing chain tensioner that does not have the shoe attached to it. To reset the tensioner, push the inner piston all of the way down inside of the outer piston that it sits in. This may take a little work since the inner piston will be filled with oil. Just work it a little at a time until you can push the inner piston all of the way in and it locks in place. Now check and see if the inner piston will spring out properly. Push in on the inner piston hard and release it quickly. Try to keep your hand over it just in case it pops out all of the way. I haven't seen it happen, but have heard about it. It kind of works like a "click" pen. It should pop out all of the way where you can see little holes around the inner piston. If it catches anywhere in between it's travel, reset it a few times to try and get it working smoothly. If it keeps on catching, it is recommended to purchase a new one since it will not set properly when it is installed. It cost me around $38.00 for a new one and is a lot less of a headache than tearing the side of the motor apart again if the old one does not set properly. To install it into the motor, push the inner piston all of the way in until it locks in place. If you purchase a new one, pop the innner piston in and out a few times. New tensioners like to stick a little since they have been locked in place for a while. With the inner piston all of the way in, bolt the tensioner in place with the shoe already installed. With a small pry bar or screwdriver, push down the inner piston. You can use the shoe as a leverage point, but be careful not to twist it too much so that it breaks. This will have to be done as quickly as you can just like when you were pushing it in by hand. It may take a couple of times, but should pop out. I personally like to put the bolt for the harmonic balancer in place and slowly turn the crank shaft in a clockwise motion to try and get some of the slack out of the timing chain. This should take care of it and hopefully there won't be a timing chain rattle.