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How is the winter weather in Texas?

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It varies widely through the state. On the coast, it is pretty mild usually and rarely even gets down to freezing. While it's similar in the south, it can be quite different north and west of Dallas where snow and ice can fall several times in the winter, with temperatures well below freezing frequently during periods. It is the coldest in the panhandle and some of the higher elevations in West Texas.

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What is the winter weather like in Midland Texas?

High 50-low 90's in the winter, rainy, sunny, just kind of everything. If you don't like the weather in Texas wait five minutes and it will be different.

What is the climate and weather of mountains and basins region of Texas?

hot Cold snowy (winter)

What is the weather like in Texas?

It is hot and humid during the summer. It ocasionally snows during the winter

What is Houston Texas' weather like in November?

it is cold but not as cold as winter more fall

What is the typical weather in El Paso Texas?

Most of the time the weather in El Paso is hot and dry. During the winter the colds are still very dry.

Winter of 2014 weather?

The winter weather for the year 2014 can change and depend on where you live.Some states the winter weather can in the negatives and some states do not see winter.

Is Texas usually hot or cold in the weather?

Texas has great extremes in temperature and weather. Summertime in the Rio Grande Valley, at the southernmost tip, reaches temperatures of 105 and more regularly in the summer, especially in Starr and Zapata counties. In the winter, the panhandle area, Amarillo and Lubbock experience winter storms. These cities are about halfway to Canada from the Rio Grande Valley. Texas is big and has a wide range of weather. Winter storms, tornados, hurricanes, floods and heat waves happen every year. It just depends where you are in the state.

What does bleak winter weather mean?

Bleak winter weather means a little cold type of weather.

What is the weather like in the mountain and basin region of Texas?

It has hot days and and cool nights. In the winter time it snows a lot.

What is the weather like in dallas fort worth and Houston Texas in the winter?

it is normally very cold and sometimes gets snow

What is the typical weather like in Texas during each of the four seasons?

In summer Texas is very hot, in spring it is not to hot and not to cold, in fall Texas starts getting chili, and in winter it sometimes snows.

What is the best area of Texas to tour during January?

Texas is not winter free, so stick to the Galveston, El Paso and the wine country, but be prepared for rapid changes in the weather.

What is the weather like in Florida in the winter?

The weather in florida in winter is still fairly warm.

How is the winter in Alabama?

The weather in Alabama in the winter is very similar to the weather in Florida in the winter. It only usually gets to 60 degrees at least in the winter.

Who is gearing for negative weather this winter?

There are many people who are expecting negative weather for the winter. It is usually expected that the winter time has bad weather like snow and rain.

What is the weather in College Station Texas?

Well what i know is its really hot and muggy like the rest of Texas. In winter it gets a little milder...but last Jan it snowed too!!..which was unexpected.

What is the weather like in Texas in the winter?

in winter, Texas get 0 degrease to 60 degrease. MOST of the times, it snows. in 2012 it did! but in 2010 and 2011 it did not. but that was in Irving/Dallas. i don't know about other parts of Texas. surprise!, i am going to talk in summer, it gets over 70 degrease and sometimes it gets 110 degrease. i mostly like Texas in summer. summer is PERFECT! in Texas.

Did the New Hampshire colony have cold weather in the winter?

Yes, they had cold weather during the winter.

What is the weather typically like in Venezuela during the winter?

the weather in the winter is very dry and warm

What does Winter Weather Advisery mean?

A Winter Weather Advisory is issued when a low pressure system produces a combination of winter weather such as snow, freezing rain, sleet (or all of them).

How is fall weather different from winter weather?

In fall the weather is cool and leaves starts to fall whereas in winter the weather is very cold and snow may fall.people wear very heavy clothes in winter.

What is the winter weather in Arlington TX?

Weather in Texas varies. December it's like high's in the 50's... just getting colder. We dont have a lot of snow (if ANY), and we have ice and sleet.

What is the snowy owls habitat?

the snowy owls habitat is cold weather. mostly northern Canada in the summer and Texas, Georgia and Tennessee in the winter.

What is the weather in the north central plains?

Climate in the north central region can be extreme. In the winter it's cold, but in the summer it can be the hottest area in Texas

What kind of weather comes in the winter?

Cold weather.

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