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How is water measured?

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How is water depth measured?

water depth is measured in atmoshpheres

How is water utility service to your home measured?

The water you use is measured by the number of gallons you use.

What is water potential measured in?

its always measured in Psi(Ψ)

How many gallons of water in a unit of water as measured by a utility district?

There are 748 gallons of water in a unit as measured by utility companies.

What is water vapor in the air measured with?

measured as humidity in the air with a hygrometer.

How is solubility measured?

how much of a certain substance (measured in grams) can be dissolved in water (measured in ml or l)

Why water is not measured in kg?

because water is a liquid.

Is the weight and volume of water butter eggs and milk the same?

The weight of eggs, water and milk are measured in ounces or cups. The volume of water, eggs, and milk is measured as a liquid. The volume of butter is measured as a solid.

What is the capacity of a water heater measured in?

Nowadays they are all measured in gallons and litres

How is water vapor measured?


Would the amount of water in a diving pool be measured in millimeters or kiloliters?

it should be kiloliters considering it's water which is measured in liters

How is water temperature measured?

Water temperature can be measured in any scale that is used to measure air temperature, such a celsius, Fahrenheit etc.

A student measured the volume of water in a pan The student boiled the water for thirty minutes and then measured the volume of the water again The volume of water most likely be what?

Less, possibly gone.

How is the amount of water vapor in the air measured?

The humidity is measured by a device called a hygrometer.

What is a quantity that can be measured?

Physical quantities are quantities that can be measured. For example: water, distance, etc.

Distance is measured in miles Time is measured in minutes and hours Wheat is measured in bushels What is measured in acre-feet?

Water deposited by rain or artificial irrigation.

What is the SI unit for liqud?

SI units cover a range of measures. Liquids can be measured in many ways. Your question is not clear, so I will answer all the corners and nooks that I can. water has mass, mass is measured in grams. water has temperature, which would be Kelvin. water can be measured in moles, which would be moles. water can be measured as having a certain amount of kinetic energy or heat, in joules. water volume can be measured in liters, or milliliters. water can have material in it, dissolved or floating, and that can be measured in parts per million, or parts per billion. finally, water can contain acid or base or other substances dissolved, the concentration of these solutes can be measured in molarity, or molar concentration expressed as moles per liter.

What is speed of water at sea measured in?


How are water heater measured?

By gallons they hold

Volume can be measured by ------------ of water?


How is concentration of salt measured?

The concentration of salt in water is measured with a salinometer or by the chemical determination of chlorine or sodium.

What is distilled water measured?

Distilled water is measuared with its volume in litre or mililitrte.

What are three things measured by volume?

Any kind of liquid such as water, soda, or juice can be measured by volume. Gasoline, powder, and Mercury can also be measured this way.

How is the salinity of ocean water measured?

Dissolved salts

How irregular solid measured?

Using water displacement.