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Pagan is a general term while Wicca applies specifically to those belief structures that are descended or adapted from Gardnerian Wicca, which was founded by Gerald Gardner in the mid 1900s. Gardnerian Wicca is the first formal, Wiccan tradition that was known about publicly through media interviews and the publication of books by the members, with Gardner being the first to publish. There are other and newer traditions of Wicca that claim different, or even no, lineage at all.

Think of it this way, Paganism is a tree of which Wicca is a branch; in much the same way that Christianity is a tree of which Lutheran is a branch.

But it is not always just to label a Wiccan as a Pagan...

Though it is controversial in both the Pagan and mainstream religious communities, some people believe that Christian, Jewish, Muslim beliefs can be melded with Wicca to create Christian Wicca, Jewish Wicca, less often Muslim Wicca, so it is even unfair to say that all Wiccans are pagans, some believe themselves to be very much Christian, etc and would be upset to be identified as Pagan.

While this is controversial, it's not a new controversy, through the Middle Ages, many learned men (John Dee for one) pursued magic and alchemy and worked with calling angels and demons though they considered themselves to be very much Christian. The tradition of mysticism in even mainstream religions is a very old one that continues today.


I have often explained it this way to my students and others who ask: Wicca is to Paganism as Catholicism is to Christianity... A sub-section of a larger belief system. Not necessarily the largest, or the one with the most followers, but the most recognisable to the outside world. And in my experience the ones with the most rules.

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Is wicca a branch of Christianity?

No it is a branch of paganism

When was wicca founded?

Wicca is a recent form of paganism. Wicca has only been around since about the 1940s, although it was first openly revealed in 1954. However, wicca stems from paganism, which has been around longer than the Egyptian pyramids. Wicca was arounf a while before that. It just vanished for a time. and then came back.

What is the religion definition of wicca?

Wicca is a polytheistic Neo-Pagan nature religion whose central deity is a mother goddess and a father god and which includes the use of herbal magic and harmless witchcraft. Wicca is a derivation and modernisation of Paganism. Hence, why many areas in Wicca are very similar to those in Paganism.

What do you call of the spiritual leader in Wicca?

well there are axially A LOT of gods and godesses for Wicca/Paganism. To many to name them ALL.

How old is the wiccan religion?

Paganism is as old as man kind... Wicca however was invented in the 1940's by Gerald Gardner. He took old beliefs from Paganism and re-invented some of them creating what is now known as Wicca.

Is wicca and pagan the same religion?

no. paganism is a range of religions, like Christianity. Wicca is a type of pagan, but a pagan isn't necessarily a Wiccan.

Is a wicca considered a pagan?

Yes. Paganism is an umbrella term just like Christianity and Hinduism, there are many different beliefs under each term.

What is the difference between peganism and wicca?

I try to explain the difference in this manner: Wicca is to Paganism what Catholicism is to Christianity. The most recognised, and the ones with the most rules.

Wicca a modern Neo-Pagan religion?

Well, the meaning of the word "Pagan" is an old English word for "valley dwellers". I know what you mean, but I just wanted to get that out of the way. By standards nowadays, Paganism is a generalized term covering many different pantheistic religions and traditions, including Wicca. A good way to understand that relationship is this: Lutheranism is to Christianity as Wicca is to Paganism. So, simply put, the answer to your question is "yes".

Wicca a modern Neo-Paga?

Well, the meaning of the word "Pagan" is an old English word for "valley dwellers". I know what you mean, but I just wanted to get that out of the way. By standards nowadays, Paganism is a generalized term covering many different pantheistic religions and traditions, including Wicca. A good way to understand that relationship is this: Lutheranism is to Christianity as Wicca is to Paganism. So, simply put, the answer to your question is "yes".

What is the difference between Wicca and Pagan?

Pagan is the umbrella term. Wicca is one of a great many spiritual paths that fall into the category of Pagan.Wiccan practice is entirely part of paganism, but paganism has many, many other forms of observance.I explain it like this: Wicca is to Paganism, what Baptists are to Christianity.(Just one of many, and not necessarily the first to come to it or the sub-group with the largest number of followers)Note: Wicca/Wiccan is not the new politically correct term for Witch/Witchcraft.

Can a soldier who is a member of Wicca practice his faith on base?

Yes. In fact many bases are now designating areas specifically for the practice of Wicca and Neo-Paganism.

Which different religions believe in angels?

Wicca/The Craeft, Paganism (Which is basically Wicca), Christianity...that's all I'm sure about. Most supernatural/occult type religions believe in angels, and all branches on any Jesus christ worshipping religions.

Where can you find wicca books?

Books on Wicca can be found in your library, new-age book stores, metaphysical bookstores, and even in the "big-box" bookstores, and on-line in the religion section filed with all the rest of the books on Paganism. FYI Wicca is a sub-section of the spiritual paths known as Paganism, much like Catholics and Baptists are sub-sections of Christianity.

Which religion is known for its deep love of nature?

Animism, Paganism and Wicca are all faiths which embrace nature.

What is the diference between pagan and wiccan?

Wicca is a form of paganism just like Catholic is a form of Christianity.

How is Wicca Islam Judaism and Christianity alike and different?

They are alike in that they are all religions. They are different in every conceivable way. Wicca is polytheistic with origins steming from Pagan Europe. Islam, Judaism, and Christianity are monothesitic and come from the middle east and are all Abrahamic Faiths. Christianity gets its Christmas and Easter Holidays from Paganism which is Wicca is a branch of so I guess those two are similar in that respect.

Is witch ture?

Of course witchcraft is real and of course it does work! Ever heard of Wicca or Paganism? Herbalism, perhaps?

How does Christian view wicca religions?

Christianity and Catholicism generally views paganism or wiccan with regards to satanism. True paganism is honoring and worshipping Gaea or Mother Earth. Alot of Christian views came from original Paganism, as well as other religions.

What are the religions of the US?

There are many different religious cultures in the US.A few could be:ChristianProtestantCatholicJewishIslamicMuslimPaganism (no, this is NOT the same as Satanism)Wicca (no, this is NOT the same as Satanism)Satanism

What is the difference between pagan and wiccan?

Paganism, by definition, is any various religion outside of Christianity, Judaism, or Islam. Wicca is a type of Paganism, and falls under its umbrella. A comparison would be like saying Christianity is a religion, but Southern Baptist is a form of religion that comes under Christianity as a whole. More specifically, Pagan means "country dweller", where Wicca means "witchcraft". One does not have to participate in Wicca in order to be a pagan, but those who practice Wicca are all considered Pagans by default.

Is it possible to practice witchcraft without it being religious ie Paganism Wicca and if so what are some books or sites about it?

Witchcraft is not linked to a religion. Not all Pagans practice witchcraft and not all witchcraft practitioners are Pagan. If you were to define nonreligious as the absence of deity then try practicing Wicca. With Wicca, there is no claim to worship a deity, but rather, nature. Also, Paganism is not a religion. It is an umbrella term defining a specific type of religion.

Is paganism a cult or religion?

Paganism is a generalization of many different religions.

What is the population of the paganism religion?

Paganism is not a one single religion. It is a classification of so many religions, including Neo-Paganism, Wicca, Asatru, Hinduism, etc... The most basic classification of religions is Dharmic Religions and Arahmic Religions. All pagan religions comes under Dhamic Religions. It is difficult to tell an exact number of adherents of all Pagan religions. In Wicca itself, the number of adherents doubles every 3 monhs.

What religions do not trace their origin back to Abraham?

Buddhism, Sikhism, Hinduism, Paganism, Wicca, etc. Eastern religions and pagan religions are not Abrahamic.