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Hawaii is 10,932 sq. miles in area making it the 43rd largest state.

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There are no incorporated cities in Hawaii. Waipahu is a large census-designated place in Hawaii.

America annexed Hawaii for military and economic reasons. The sugar industry was large in Hawaii. The military wanted a base in the Pacific region.

No, it is the 43rd largest US State.

Hawaii has a large number of earthquakes due to volcanic activity. There are more than 129 volcanoes in the Hawaii hotspot, although only four of them are currently active.

Hawaii is the name given to a large group of islands.

Large waves - the sort surfers like in Hawaii.

The southernmost city and the southernmost large city in the US is Honolulu, Hawaii.

Although it's in decline, there are large livestock operations in Hawaii: See

Sugar played a large role in the American's desire to control Hawaii, because Hawaii was a major supplier of sugar cane.

Yes. And that large body of water would be the Pacific Ocean.

It is because it is large and big. It has many people. The 50th rank of largest population. 50th CITY. Honolulu is the capital of Hawaii.

Honolulu is the only city in Hawaii. Kailua and Kaneohe are large census-designated places (CDP) in Honolulu County, Hawaii.

A large population lives in Hawaii and California.

You may be looking for Mauna Loa, the large volcano on the Island of Hawaii.

a large percentage of the labor force was japanese.!

the Hawaiian Islands are located in the pacific ocean.

Oahu, the main and second-largest of the Hawaiian Islands, although they are often referred to as Hawaii, and the island of Hawaii is called the Big Island.

The tsunami in Hawaii 2011 was only about 1 and a half feet tall. This was only on the shores of Maui. In other places it was about 6 feet tall.

It technically is not part of any continent. It might be considered to be part of Oceania, or North America. A continent is a large land mass...Hawaii is not connected to any large land mass thus makes it not part of any continent.

Hawaii Ponoi is the national anthem of Hawaii. Even though the state flies the U.S. flag and the Star Spangled Banner is played before large events, Hawaii Ponoi is always played following the U.S. national anthem. In the eyes of the population of Hawaii, Hawaii Ponoi is the National Anthem of the Kingdom. The Star Spangled Banner is played out of respect to America.....

Many types and races - but a very large percentage are Polynesian

seafood is of large abundance there because it is an island, so they eat a lot of it.

There is the Arecibo ,Large binocular, Palomar, mount Wilson. There are several in Hawaii

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