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How large panther grow?

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panther-leopard-up to 200 pounds panther-jaguar-up to 225 pounds panther-puma-up to 200 pounds

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The large ox because it would gore the panther to death.

The panther will not win since the gorilla will give a strong blow to the panther and the large ox will knock down the panther with its head. This leaves the large ox and the gorilla together in fighting. The large ox will win if it knocked the gorilla down with its head or at least gore it to death.

Many people misunderstand the meaning of panther. There is no such thing as a black or pink panther, but there is such thing as a large black or pink cat. Panther is an umbrella term for cats in general. That means any creature that is a cat [including the domesticated cats and even lions] is a panther. Panther is a term for all types of cats.

it raises its babies by teaching the baby how to hunt,protect itself,and how to be a mature panther and grow up to be a wise adult

A panther, black or otherwise, is a large native cat. It is a carnivore - a meat eater. As the range in which the panther can appear is quite large (two continents!), its diet will vary according to what is available to it in the area it inhabits. In zoos, horse and beef find their way into the cats' diet.

Black panthers can grow to a maximum length of five feet

In large breeds of cats they are called Panther

A Large bear perhaps, but otherwise they are at the top of their food chain.

Likely the panther, as he has more weaponry than a dog would, no matter how large or small that dog may be.

The medium ox would win because it would gore the panther to death like a large ox would.

The panther. Panthers are either leopards, jaguars or mountain lions, and as large predators, they would probably win.

A large cat with spots.A leopard is a feline, it looks like a panther. In fact both animals are of the same species. but a leopard has spots and not the panther

The panther, also called a cougar, puma, mountain lion, catamount, depending on what part of the U.S., is a large cat that is in the Felidae family. It is a carnivore.

A panther is a type of cat, yes. It is similar to a lioness, or a jaguar, both of which are types of cats, or large felines. They are typically black in color, but can be brown as well.

A male panther is simply called a panther. A female panther is called a she-panther and a baby panther is called a cub.

it can grow about 13cm

Goldfish will grow very large and commonly grow to 24" and live for over 20 years.

The only panther in the range of the anaconda is the jaguar. The winner would depend on the size of the anaconda. A large adult snake would have few problems subduing a jaguar and there are records of anacondas occasionally eating jaguars.

A very large animal can. A panther, pack of wolves, even a very large eagle MIGHT try.

A baby can grow nine months large before their born.

I think the male panther is called the panther or sometimes the black panther.

Translation: Namr (نمر)It is important to note that the word "namr" in Arabic refers to any large cat, like a tiger, black panther, cougar, or jaguar. If you specifically wish to refer to a black panther, which is often implied in English when saying "panther", that would be "namr aswad" (نمر أسود).

They grow very large... then they explode...

As long as it wants to grow to?

A female panther is called a she-panther. Males are just referred to as panthers. A baby panther is called a cub-panther.