How large should a turkey be to feed 15 people?

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You will need approx. 1/2 lb. per person, so you can get a BIG 25lb, or 2 smaller ones, don't forget the bigger the turkey, the longer in the oven! at least 11 hours approx (1/2 hour per pound) at a moderate heat. you may find that a very large turkey may be a bit dryer, (it is an older bird after all) so keep basting!! Happy Thanksgiving~!!
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What size turkey do you need to feed 15 people?

According to the website mentioned in the Related Links, the rule of thumb is to pick a bird that weighs 2 pounds more than the number of people you are feeding, e.g., a 10-lb

Will a 20lb turkey and a 10lb ham feed 15 people?

Well, this depends on how much they eat. My family usually makes a 20lb turkey, and this year we had about 10 people... We made no ham =( but we had plenty left.... But 25 LB
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Should you feed dog with ground turkey?

You will not meet your dog's dietary nutrition needs by feeding it nothing but ground turkey. Supplementing a properly balanced diet with turkey will not be a problem if the d
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How large a turkey should be make for 15 people?

At 1/2 pound of turkey each; 15 x 1/2= 7.5 pounds of meat, x roughly 1.5 for bones, a 10 pounder should theoretically do fine, but 15 pounds would be better, in case you have
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How large a turkey to feed 6 people?

depands if they like turkey or not if they do a big one if they dont then dont get one. simple as... like to help :)