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How large was the Titanic?


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the titanic was 269m long and the lusitnia was 241m long

Titanic=Sink Titanic = large ship Now use the transitve property

The Titanic hit an iceberg, which put a large gash in its hull.

The word "titanic" means something that is exceptionally large.

The word titanic means "very large", or "vast".

Because part of the word Titan in Titanic... Titan comes from a Latin word meaning large and since the Titanic was so big they just called the Titanic...

Titanic sank up in the northern part of the Atlantic ocean. Titanic crashed into a large ice burg.

Referring to being very large or massive. Example: That ship is "titanic!"


The Titanic collided with a large iceberg in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean.

No. The reason why the Titanic sank was because it had a collision with a very large iceberg. It did not explode.

I do not know how many kittens were on the titanic though i do know there were a large number of dogs on the titanic and its said there was a canary but i dont know how many kittens were on the titanic.

Titanic was 882 ft. long and weighed roughly 46,000 tons.

Titanic was 882 ft. long and weighed roughly 46,000 tons.

Virtually all of Titanic has been found. The bow, the stern, and another large piece.

The shipyard workers launched the Titanic to the water when the Titanic was completed in front of a large crowd of who had gathered to witness te event. The Titanic was launched when the engine was turned on.

The Titanic collided with an Iceburg, this ripped a large hole in the hull, the ship flooded and sank.

Titanic plates or Plate Tectonics is a scientific theory which describes the large scale motions of Earth's lithosphere.

I don’t know you think I do!

The titanic sank because it hit a very large iceberg that cut a massive size rip in the ship. Currently the titanic resides at the bottom of the ocean.

It refers to the Titans of Greek Mythology. The word "Titanic" has come to mean very large, massive or colossal.

The Titanic weighed ABOUT 46,000 tons. A large portion of that weight was the steel of the vessel.

The titanic was 47,450 tons. It was also 882 feet and 6 inches in length and 175 feet high.

People often called the Titanic a floating town because it is so large.

The movie Titanic depicted a large blue diamond, but it was not the Hope diamond, nor was the Hope Diamond on the ship Titanic that sank after hitting an iceberg.

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