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How late could taking cough medicine make your period?

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It won't make your period late.

2006-08-02 14:50:21
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Can abusing cough medicine nightly affect a woman's period?

If you are taking cough medicine to help your cervical mucus, it should not be taken all month long. (only a certain one should be used and for a limited time.) Using it too long, COULD effect your period.

How can taking too much cough syrup with codeine affect your breathing?

IF you take an overdose, the cough medicine could have an alternative reaction to your body.

Can you mix Chinese medicine and Western cough mixture for cough?

Generally ,Chinese medicine is herbal and the Western cough medicine is not. Herbs interact with other ingredients and by mixing the two you could get a bad reaction. I wouldn't mix them. Use one or the other, but not together. Some herbs double of effects of things like aspirin or other ingredients that could be found in the cough medicine.

Why do you taste sulfur when you cough?

If you taste sulfur when you cough you might have an infection of some kind. This could be the after taste of cough medicine for instance. It is best to mention this to the doctor if this happens more than once.

What to eat when having a cough?

Cough drops, cough syrup, or cough medicine such as Vick's Formula 44M. You could also try drinking water, because some people cough due to a dry throat. Drinking liquids ends some coughs.

Can you take aspirin and cough syrup at same time?

It depends on the contents of the cough syrup. If the cough syrup contains a blood thinner, taking that along with the aspirin could be dangerous.

What do you do to help a cough?

you could; swallow a spoon full of honey every morning or take cough medicine or sleep on your side at night. I hope these cures work for you!!

Why is it important not to have any side effects after taking a medicine?

It's important to not have any side effects after taking medicine because it could create risk for your health.

Can I get a DUI for having cough medicine?

Most cough medicine has ingredients that can make you sleepy and advises you to avoid driving or using heavy equipment until you know how it affects you. Some do have alcohol as an ingredient. If you were driving in a dangerous manner, you could be pulled over and charged.

How do you cough up flem?

To cough up phlegm, you could try an over the counter decongestant medicine. You could also try standing in a hot shower for a few minutes because the steam helps to loosen chest mucus.

When could expectorant be prescribed?

We may advise taking an expectorant when the cough is with mucus aor phlegm is coming out

How long does this cough last from taking lisinopril?

If it lasts longer than 2 weeks after stopping the medication you should see a doctor. Typically the decrease in frequency begins to start about 8-10 days after stopping the medication, though if you are taking other drugs it could be a bit longer. Put the full stop date on your calendar and if the dry- cough continues after 14 days make an appointment with the doctor. It has taken as long as 2 months for a few people to fully stop a Lisinopril cough. This is a great medicine for many and if there are no alternatives I would not stop the medication before speaking with your doctor. Almost 35% of individuals get the cough after taking the medicine (anywhere from 2-10 days following the initial dose, though it could take more than 2 months for healthier individuals) Hope this helps.

How can you get rid of a really bad cough without medicine?

you can wait it out. I had a bad cough last winter. I really don't like medicine or the doctor, so I just ate cough drops (HALLS, etc.) They really do work. Or you could also take a steaming hot shower and breath in the steam. That always helps. One last thing you could try is to drink some hot tea with honey . Hope I helped *

Are there any poison medicines?

There are poison medicines. Suppose you are the one taking the medicine. You shouldn't overdose it or else the medicine could come poisonous. Suppose your not the one taking the medicine. The medicine is just lying on the table. Don't drink or eat it because you don't know if it's poisonous.

How do you stop hurting throat?

You could try cough medicine or throat spray, which makes your throat kind of numb and is a medicine. But get mucanes it relly helps

Could an elephant cough?

Given that humans can cough, (mammals) elephants can cough too.

How do you cure tonsillist?

when i had it, i used cough surup and things like that. Go to your nearest doctor, and ask for some medicine. You could also use Penicillin

Can taking the pill a week after your period delay your next period or could I be pregnant?

Either one could be true. Take a pregnancy test to find out.

What could cause a persistent dry cough for over a month that has been undiagnosed?

Common causes of cough include infections (eg colds and flu), asthma, smoking and acid reflux. Since coughing causes irritation to the airways, which can itself cause coughing, a dry cough can persist even when its original cause has gone. There is little evidence that cough suppressant medications are any more effective than placebo, but if you find that taking a medicine helps, you can buy them from a pharmacist. Other self-care measures include steam inhalation (from a bowl or from hot drinks), and sucking sweets. If you have a dry cough (ie one that is not bringing up mucus), you should try to resist the urge to cough, to help stop the cycle of cough-irritation-cough.

Does taking prenatal pills affect your period?

No, taking prenatal vitamins won't impact on your period. Prenatal pills are typically vitamins, which could see you have a better period all together, but won't be a major change.

Your dog has valley fever and you want to know if there is a over the counter medicine you could give her to relieve that cough until you can afford the vet?

If your dog has the Valley fever and you want to try go over-the-counter medication asked the pharmacist if a cough medicine for humans would hurt your dog. Try that until you can afford to see the vet.

Is not getting your period normal?

Its not normal but it is common, are you taking birth control? could you have ovarian cysts? or could you be pregnant?

What could be side effects on Taking 3000 mg of medicine in one day?

You will be in hell or heaven with no return ticket:-)

If you have a cough and fever what is it?

A cough and fever could be anything, since pretty much any flu and cold could come with a cough and fever. A cough and fever is exhibited by pretty much every flu and cold in the world.

Could you be pregnant if you are 2 days late for your period and you have cold-like symptoms such as a sore throat and cough?

It's possible. Take a test!