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How late does your period have to be before you should be worried about being pregnant if you are only 14 years old?


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If your period is late at all you should be worried. If you're having sex at 14, especially unprotected sex, you should be worried. The risk of pregnancy complications is much higher for someone your age, so it's important to get prenatal care as soon as possible if you are pregnant.


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Depends if you want to be pregnant. If not you should be worried...

The day of your missed period if your worried about being pregnant.

Yes unless you have no problem being pregnant

You ca try virtually anytime you want, as you can get pregnant: * before your period * during your period * after your period * PERIOD.

I went to the doctors and found out i was 6-7 weeks, but i woke up this morning to bleeding as if it was my period should i be worried??

I'd be worried if you remained on the pill if you were pregnant. But if you are one the pill and a condom is in use, then 99.9% of the time you wouldn't get pregnant.

Yes, she can. If she misses her period she should then take a pregnancy test

Pregnancy tests and human biology are always wrong, I think you should tell your mom and see a doctorWell obviously you aren't pregnant! You are just too worried so in your next intercourse wear a condom and take the pill If that makes you feel better.Even if you were pregnant then when you had your period the baby would have come out.

Yes, so you should always use protection unless you're trying to get pregnant. And if you miss your period you should take a pregnancy test.

Yes, so you should always use protection unless you're trying to get pregnant. And if you miss your period, you should take a pregnancy test

You can get pregnant if you have sex with him 8 days before your period. You can actually get pregnant at almost any point during your menstrual cycle and should use protection if you want to avoid pregnancy.

Yes, you should be worried cause most likely that means your pregnant. Unless you have a irregular period then that's different. But you should take a pregnantcy just in case.

You could be. If you miss your period you should take a pregnancy test.

when you become pregnant you don't usually have your period. You could "spot" and if you do you should think about seeing a doctor but normally you wouldn't get your period

It is possible to get pregnant at any point in the month, yes, even during your period. You should always take precaution if you do not want to become pregnant.

If you have sex two days before your period you are more than likely pregnant. Sperm last about three days in a females body. So,I'm pretty sure that you are pregnant because you are also ovulating before and after your period comes on and at the end of the cycle when it goes off

Probably not.........then again weirder things have happened and she will need to seek the advice of a doctor if she misses her period.

YES get to the dr immediately before dehydration gets worse.

yes normally people don't know even if you don't have your period you ovulate every month, unless you are irregular in your ovulation, or your menstruation. but if you are normal you should take care. you can even buy ovulation test, when you are worried that you would be getting pregnant again. talk to your Dr. for more information.

ANSWERFIRST, if you already had normal period (not short! not light!_ - pregnancy should not be expectedSECOND, in general 4-5 days before expected period are not fertile.

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