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At least 10-12 days after ovulation. It is best to wait until your missed period to get an accurate result. I tested with the early pregnancy test (5 days before missed period) and I got a negative. Then I took a test 3 days after my late period and got a positive.


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It depends what you mean by 'late'. Late in the day, yes you could because the hormones are not concentrated enough in the urine. Late in pregnancy, if you are far on in pregnancy a test shows negative because diffeerent hormones are produced and the ones a pregnancy test uses are reduced.

sometimes! go get a pregnancy test!!

If your period is more than 2 weeks late, yes an HCG blood test will certainly be able to detect the pregnancy hormone. Home pregnancy tests will work as well.

I'm twenty days late and pregnancy test still reads negative..

No thereis no such thing as a pregnancy test for dogs that you can buy, and no a human pregnancy test will not work

take a pregnancy test.

If you're on your period, there's no need for a pregnancy test. If you are pregnant, then you will NOT get a period..... if your period is late, then take a test.

If you are late and the pregnancy test is positive most likely you are pregnant. Take another test to be positive then call you OBGYN.

Hi, There is a chance of pregnancy. You need to do a pregnancy test to confirm or rule out pregnancy. You can test now.

Some women do not get a positive pregnancy test will late in their pregnancy , if even. A blood pregnancy test is the best way to go.

A positive pregnancy test is an indication of pregnancy. See your health care provider.

A pregnancy test can give u a false negative but not a false positive.

The only thing that 'might' work is to drastically dilute the urine. So, I would try to take the pregnancy test as late in the day as possible and drink as much water as possible. You might get away with it during the early stages of pregnancy when your HCG levels are low, but this will not work for long....

You can take a pregnancy test when you are 2 days late. The tests now will show you are pregnant even before you have missed a period.

most pregnancy tests can be used the a after a missed period. each test will tell you when you can use the test from. or ask at a pharmacy.

Some pregnancy tests can detect pregnancy as early as when a woman is two days late with her menstrual cycle. You will only know the outcome if you take the test.

Herpes will not cause a late period. Take a pregnancy test.

if period is absent for two days, means late period or pregnancy ,both. but pregnancy will be confirmed after weeks ,by pregnancy test.

Pregnancy tests are VERY accurate these days. Periods can be late for a variety of reasons, including stressing over whether you are pregnant or not! Trust the test, they are accurate!

If it is a pregnancy test then when you are about 2 weeks late.

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