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There is no legal reason that you can't 'stay out all night'. However, there are parental guidelines that should be considered. You should also consider that if you have the 'right' to stay out all night against your parent's wishes, your parents have the 'right' to lock the door while your out. In other words, if you don't want to live by their rules, then they have the right to tell you to live elsewhere. 17 is a unique age in which the laws blur between what a minor (which you are if you are 17) can or cannot legally do. It also is a grey area when considering what a parent is responsible for when it comes to the care of you. So.. simply put... if you leave.. the cops can't really do anything unless you do something illegal.. however, once you step out that door against your parents wishes there is nothing that says they have to let you back in. Good luck and I hope you make the right choices. Wrong, if ur 17 then your an adult by law. If your parents try to wip u then u can get them for cdv. You can move out at 17 but your parents cannot kick u out only when u turn 18 if they want they can kick u out! But if your living with them you shoukd go by their rules or move out! good luck [[User:|]]A You need to define "stay out all night". Municipalities in Texas just as in every state establish curfew laws, these laws can apply to both minors and adults depending upon the area which the curfew pertains to. For example public parks, private and often public parking garages/lots, city streets, and so forth are subject to curfew laws. If the minor is at a private residence or at a function which is sponsored and chaperoned by a recognized organization and the minor has obtained parental permission, there should not be a problem. Other situation depend upon the underaged person's parents and the application and enforcement of municipal curfew codes.

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Q: How legal is being 17 years old in Houston and can you stay out all night?
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