How lens can be classified?

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Microscopes are classified as simple or compound depending upon what?

A simple microscope has one lens but a compound microscope has multiple.

Microscopes are classified as simple or compound depending on what?

You No What Classified As Simple If They Have Only 1 Lens.Ex.Simple And Easy Only Have To Do It OnceYou No when It Is Compound Because It Has 2 Lens.. Ex.Compond Word Has TWO World In It.

What does a refracting telescope use to produce an image?

A lens.A lens.A lens.A lens.

What is the name given to the lens in a human eye?

It is lens. The lens consists of the lens capsule, the lens epithelium, and the lens fibres.

Why is a lens called a lens?

because it is lens

What kind of lens is a converging lens?

A convex lens.

What kind of lens causes rays of light incident on a lens and parallel to the principal axis of the lens to converge?

A convex lens is the kind of lens that will do this.

What is a crystalline lens?

A crystalline lens is the lens in the human eye.

The lens required to treat myopia is a what lens?

a convex lens

The lens required to treat myopia is a lens?

Concave lens

What is a name of a converging lens?

Converging lens is a convex lens.

How are concave lens and convex lens different?

The convex lens bulges out at the center, while the concave lens bulges in at the center. The convex lens magnifies, while the concave lens reduces.

What is is the plural of lens?

The plural for lens is lenses, rather than just lens.Lenses.

Type of lens found in the ocular lens?

An ocular lens is convex.

What is a lens cap?

= A lens cap is a cover to a lens on a camera or camcorder.=

A lens that curves outward is called?

)( is a concave lens() is a convex lens

A convex lens is also called a?

converging lens

The lens of the eye is held in place by the?

The lens of the eye is located in a bag called the lens capsule. The lens capsule is suspended in behind the iris by lens zonules.

How do light rays travel after striking a lens?

It depends on the lens. Assuming parallel rays entering the lens: Convex lens - they converge, Concave lens - they dinverge.

Why is convex lens called a converging lens?

when a beam of light is passed through the convex lens it converges the beam of ligth.hence convex lens is called a converging lens.

You got 10mm lens and 20mm lens for your telescope What is the difference?

10mm lens is more powerful than the 20mm lens

Is a convex lens a minus or plus lens?

Convex lens are plus lenses, while concave lens are minus lenseses.

Why is concave lens called a negative lens?

Concave lens is called a negative lens because it has a negative focal length.

When does convex lens act as a concave lens?

A convex lens acts as concave lens when it is kept in a medium whose optical density is higher than the lens itself. And the vice-verse is also true .i.e, a concave lens can act as convex lens too .

What is an ocular lens?

An ocular lens is the lens you look through in a light microscope.