How living organisms grow?


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It usually depends on the organism: some by adding more cells, some because the pituitary gland releases growth hormone.


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Living Organisms grow from cell division and growth hormones

Growth is one of the defining characters of life.All living organisms grow from the addition of living materialsgrow from the body or wihin the body.

Because they are not living organisms.

That is a false statement! Clouds can grow, raindrops can grow, crystals can grow.

the ability to nourish itself grow and reproduce

it is important for all living organisms because plants rely on photosynthesis to survive and grow. If all plants die out, all other living organisms will have disastrous affects.

The characteristics of living organisms are all organisms are made up of cells and they grow. Living organisms reproduce and also consume energy. They also respond and adapt to their environment.

no because fungi are smaller and are organisms that grow on living and non living things

Most need food and water to grow.

They grow, they maintain their five senses, and they reproduce.

Crystals despite the ability to grow are not living organisms. The presence of cellular structures organized to perform functions, as well as metabolism define living organims. Crystals have neither.

Living organisms must be able to reproduce, grow, respond to stimuli, have a metabolism, and be composed of cells (or a single cell if prokaryotic).

Organisms are living. Virus are not organisms and are not living.

Vacuum cleaners do not meet the minimum requirements for biological life, so they are not living organisms. They do not grow, reproduce or adapt to the environment by changing.

All living organisms: Grow, Reproduce, Respond to their environments, Use Energy, Have Life Spans

Living organisms grow and develop, are able to reproduce somehow, have a need for energy, and have a life span.

Living organisms:ReproduceGrowDieAre made of carbon organized by DNAFeedAvoid painful stimulatusMicroorganisms do all of these things

Living organisms must be able to grow, to adapt to their environment, to reproduce, and to use energy. They must also have to be composed of cells.

Viruses are similar to living organisms because both contain hereditary material (RNA or DNA), and both reproduce. Viruses are different from living organisms because they do not use energy to grow, and do not use energy to respond to their surroundings.

A living thing is called an organism. Organisms grow or develop. They produce energy and have a metabolism. They are built of cells.

I have no clue how they develop because i am tring to find out why to so sorry.

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do multicellular organisms grow

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