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Q: How long Barack Obama was a Senator before he became the president?
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What was Barack Obama's former position?

Before he became president, he was a US Senator from Illinois.

What was Barack Obama's job directly before he became US president?

Before being elected as President of the United States, Barack Obama was the junior Senator for the State of Illinois.

What job did Barack Obama have before he became president of the us?

His previous job was as a U.S. Senator from Illinois. Before that, he was an Illinois State Senator.

What was barack obama last job?

His job just before he became president was as US Senator from Illinois.

What was Joe Biden before he became president?

Joe Biden has never been president. He was a senator before he became vice-president.

Barack Obama current occupation?

Barack Obama is the current president of the United States. Before he became president, he was a senator. Before that, he was both a state senator in Illinois, and a professor of law at the University of Chicago Law School.

What did Barack do before he was president?

He was a Junior Senator for Illinois.

What did Barack Obama do before he bacame president?

he was a senator

What was Barack Obama's vice president's last job?

Vice- President Joseph Biden was a US Senator from Delaware before he became the Veep.

What was Barack Obama doing before he became presisent?

Before becoming President Barack Obama was a United States Senator. He was also a State Legislator before that. Before this he attended Harvard Law School.

Did Barack Obama decide to be president before or after becoming a US senator?

After he was a Illinois senator

Was Barack Obama elected to any other office before he became president?

Obama was a US Senator from Illinois , elected in 2004, when he ran for President. Before that, he held a seat as an Illinois state senator from 1997 to 2004.