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How long after beginning bulimic behavior will you see its effects?

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Irritation of the esophagus leading to eventual permanent scarring, and deterioration of the teeth and gums begin almost immediately. Anemia and constipation take a little while longer. Damage to heart may take longer.

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People who are bulimic what do they eat?

Anything as long they can eat it.

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How long does it take before a bulimic creates damage to their body?

Damage done to bodies of those who are bulimic will start within a month. Damage from bulimia can be reversible with effective treatment and time.

What are the long term effects of lsmd?

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If you start being bulimic how long will it take to become skinny?

Bulimia will not help you lose weight.Only healthy eating and exercise will do that.You can lose weight being Bulimic but it will happen much slower then an anorexic. Also most of what you lose is water weight not actual weight. It depends on what kind of bulimic you are as well.

How long can you be bulimic before fainting occurs?

Bulimia does not cause fainting. People who are Bulimic (Bing and purge) are usually not dangerously underweight. There are other dangers of Bulimia such as erosion of the esophagus and teeth, and electrolyte imbalances that could cause heart problems.

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How long after you started vomiting until youre considered bulimic?

You could technically be considered bulimic after the first time you force yourself to throw up to lose weight. (Having the flu, or are sick, or food poisoning, ect. doen't count!) Most people, however, would begin to label someone / themselves as bulimic nce throwing up, bingeing, purging, and all that goes along with it become routine or at least happen pretty frequently.

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