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How long after dating someone is it acceptable to tell her you love her?


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There is no real set limit on this and sometimes people meet and really do fall in love (but few, at least not true love.) Usually after a few months is the best time to tell someone; you should get to know them better. Don't rush into it. You have to feel this in your own heart and when you do the words should flow from your lips without worry of rejection. If worried, then the time isn't right. Be sure she shows sign to you that she really cares for you and sex has nothing to do with it. Some people have sex for the pleasure of it and love is at the bottom of the list. If she acts towards you like she loves you, is honest, loyal and you have fun together, then nature will take it's course and when the time is right you'll tell her. Good luck Marcy Acceptable for whom? Think in terms of your life. If you love her now and want her to know... tell her. Do it, now. Pick up the phone! Its acceptable when you actually feel love for this person. There is no specific time really, you make it..


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You can't "make" someone fall in love with you no matter how long you've been dating.

Dating- courting someone romantically Love- emotional state of mind driven by strong caring.

Doesn't work out. Always make sure you are happy and if you are in love with someone else you need to be upfront with the person you are currently dating and try to go after the person you really love.

You're not supposed to love someone before you start dating, that's the purpose of dating, to fall in love.

When you just can't take it anymore! Or just give him one of these big cookies that say I Love you on it!

Nothing.....She already likes someone apparently otherwise she wouldn't be dating him...Get over her!

If they're dating someone else, and they love you, they'll break up with them. Other that that, it really depends on the situation.

No, because it means she doesn't love you an that she is a slut.So talk to her and tell her that you know that she is dating someone else. she is probably dating someone who knows how to spell. if you know she is dating someone and you are on here asking what to do then you are too stupid or too much of a wuss to have her in the first place. go kill yourself

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yes i do love someone. but i think bout date other people sometime.

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Are they dating if so ruin them tell her all the bad things he says about her

Answer There's love at firsts sight, and for some people it takes a bit of time for that love to blossom. When you really love someone you will know as you won't be able to eat, sleep, or even study because that other person is constantly on your mind.

You cannot force love, that is the first thing that you need to realize. Someone may like someone else or have an intense crush, but Love is an entirely different feeling. But again if he doesn't love you then keep dating and wait and see how it goes, but if you two are not dating then you are not in love at all.

Ignore him or her. Or start dating someone else.

You can love anyone you choose to. The real question is: "Is it wise to give your love to someone who you barely know?". That's why we have dating, to get to know someone before deciding that they are worth your time, effort, and love.

He is dating Haley Stone and they are madly in love they show it every night Love, Ashlyn Daigle(Haley Stone's Best Friend)

It depends. Is this someone you are dating? If it is, then flowers are always good. Candy is also acceptable. If you really love her, get her a five pound gummy bear. They are awesome. Save the jewelry until you are older. She will like pretty much anything you give her. its usually on tv kay i have seen it but its about people in love with someone at work you can find any person as long as they like you.

You action could be term double dating. This is against the rules of relationship. You are only permitted to do this when you are no longer in love with someone.

A girlfriend is someone someone is with or "dating" that shares romantic interests. A wife is someone that a man is tied to legally morally by love.

If you are in love with someone and your mate is dating them then i would try toshow them up.

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