How long after dating someone is it acceptable to tell her you love her?

There is no real set limit on this and sometimes people meet and really do fall in love (but few, at least not true love.) Usually after a few months is the best time to tell someone; you should get to know them better. Don't rush into it. You have to feel this in your own heart and when you do the words should flow from your lips without worry of rejection. If worried, then the time isn't right. Be sure she shows sign to you that she really cares for you and sex has nothing to do with it. Some people have sex for the pleasure of it and love is at the bottom of the list. If she acts towards you like she loves you, is honest, loyal and you have fun together, then nature will take it's course and when the time is right you'll tell her. Good luck Marcy Acceptable for whom? Think in terms of your life. If you love her now and want her to know... tell her. Do it, now. Pick up the phone! Its acceptable when you actually feel love for this person. There is no specific time really, you make it..