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If you're talking about a regular marriage, filing for divorce should have nothing to do with a green card. If you're talking about getting married just to obtain the green card, you need to be married for four years with regular and unscheduled visits from the government.

I believe you must be married for a minimum of 2 years in order to apply for Permanent Residency.

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Q: How long after obtaining a green card can you file for divorce in Florida?
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If you marry a US citizen and you get a divorce is your green card still valid?

Your Green Card is valid even if you get the divorce. However, you cannot apply for citizenship within three years of obtaining the Green Card, but you have to wait for five years. You can also call 1 800 375 5283 and speak with a customer service represetntative about this.

Can green card holder get divorce and still renew their green card after 3 years of marriage?


Waiting for green card but wants divorce?

Depends upon what visa you used to enter the country. If it is marriage-related (spouse or fiance), you cannot get a divorce for generally three years or you will be suspected of fraud in obtaining your visa.

Can a green card holder get a divorce?

Yes, they can.

Can a green card holder be deported if they get a divorce?

No, the divorce alone is not a reason for deportation.

I'm married in the US and i got 2 years green card after that i divoice with my spouse so can i still live in US?

Yes, your divorce will not affect your status. However, the divorce may affect (or delay) your chances of obtaining citizenship

Can green card holders married in Brazil divorce in Florida?

You can only divorce from your marriage in the US if so. To divorce from a marriage in Brazil, even though you are legal citizens in the US, you must do it in Brazil. Go to a consulate or embassy for more information.

What is the process for obtaining a Green Card in the USA?

The process of obtaining a Green Card in the USA involves applying through the US Citizen and Immigration Services. One can apply through reasons of family, work or residence.

Can US citizen divorce an illegal immigrant who doesnt have green card.?

If you are married, you can apply for divorce.

How can a abused green card holder get a divorce?

You will have to file for divorce in the same country where you got married.

Can a green card be ordered returned if divorce starts after the green card is issued?

Yes, if the marriage was made in bad faith.

How long would a Thai immigrant who was in America on a visa and married prior to the visa expiring have to remain married to an American citizen to be able to remain in the us if they divorce?

Right after the marriage , the thai immigrant should apply immediately for a green card , he/she has the right to do so, and then after obtaining green card she/he can stay in US whatever he want , even after getting a divorce. Your question is ambiguous, be more specifically . What's your status ? Have you applied for a green card yet? If you get divorce, before you got some legal documents you can be deported. Call a lawyer, he can help you.

Can you still stay in the country if you have your green card and are married to a us citizen and have a child and are getting a divorce?

Yes, if you have a green card then you can stay in the country.

Can a dependent green card be cancelled after divorce?

can adependat green card be cancelled after divorce? I am Iranian man .my wife is us citizen we married 3 years ago in Iran. Now a I am green card holder (from date 15th April 2007 with 10 years validity)now we want to separate I want to knowk what happen for my green card and citizenship

Can green card holders married in Philippines divorce in Washington?


How will divorce affect getting your citizenship green card which you obtained based on marriage?

It depends on how long you were married and the reason for the divorce.

How can a US citizen divorce a green card holder?

The same way you divorce anybody else in that country. Talk to your lawyer.

What is penalty for marriage fraud if US citizen marries green card holder?

If the marriage was purely for the purpose of obtaining a Green card and if the USCIS comes to know of it, then the Green card will be revoked. The person will get to lose the legal permanent resident status.

Us citizen married in Iran wife has green card living in California and she filed for divorce what is she entitled?

I'm a u.s. citizen and i got married in Iran under the Islamic law, my wife now has a green card and we live in California where she has filed for divorce, can i take her back to Iran and get a divorce or can she divorce me here and take my money?

Can green card holders married in Germany divorce in Texas?

If you are a Green Card holder and living in Texas, you do not have to go back to Germany to get divorced. You can legally get divorced in Texas.

What happens if you divorce before you get a conditional green card and What happens if you divorce while you are being called for the conditional green card interview?

Normally you have to file the I-751 form jointly. As you are divorced, you can apply for a waiver for joint filing. But you should be able to prove that you entered the marriage with honesty and good intentions and not just for the sake of getting a green card.

Can a permanent resident get a divorce before the expiration of two year green card?

If the legal process can be completed prior to the expiration of the green card, yes. However, NOT having the process completed will NOT ensure the green card holder their stay will be extended.

If you married a legal alien but the marriage is not working out and you want a divorce but he is still waiting for his green card what will happen to him?

Do you care? You want a divorce don't you.

Can your husband or spouse take your green card away from you if you have been unfaithful?

Not exactly. Being unfaithful is grounds for divorce, and if they divorce you then you could lose it.

Does a Boston resident need a green card go to Florida?

A permanent resident who lives in Boston can go to Florida without any problem. It would make common sense that they carry the Green Card with them when they travel.