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Please note that I am not a doctor, nor is just about anyone else who has answered a question in this forum. So, this is not medical advice. If you have any concerns, see a professional.

That said, I believe it is not unusual to produce breast milk for years after giving birth. That's how you can have old-fashioned wet nurses.

I think this varies with each individual woman. But speaking from experience, after my second child I could still squeeze milk out after almost two years. however this was not the case after ant of my other pregnancies.

I don't think I can add anymore knowledge to this topic, but I just recently noticed that I am still producing breastmilk and my son is 3 and a half. I never noticed it before, not that I have squeezed my nipples to check.

From what I have read on the internet, it can be caused by birth control pills cause it increases your hormones (which I just recently went back on).........its weird and why didn't anyone tell me this could happen!


It is quite common to continue to produce milk up to 20+ years after stopping breastfeeding in small amounts.

As long as you continue to breastfeed you will make milk. I nursed my daughter for 2 1/2 years and produced milk the entire time.

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Q: How long after pregnancy should you have breast milk?
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