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It depends what the problem was. Not only is the nature of the problem an issue, so is your choice of insurance company. Guidelines around these types of issues are generally not statutory but rather company policy. First, find yourself a local independent agent that specializes in healthcare. Explain the situation and have him/her research the underwriting guidelines from the available carriers for the most favorable rules as it relates to your issues. Second, make sure that your doctor has properly indicated in your medical records that you are symptom and treatment free. If relevant also have the doctor include in your records what the prognosis is for the future. I have had scores of clients tell me that their doctor told them

2006-08-30 14:48:18
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Q: How long after recovery from an illness must you wait to get an individual insurance policy and have been covered by a group policy?
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Is myasthenia gravis covered by critical illness insurance?

is myashenia gravis classed as a critical illness?

What types of illness does the critical illness insurance UK cover?

The critical illness insurance UK covers the following illnesses: stroke, cancer, and heart attacks. Although one may think that these are covered unconditionally, there are some prerequisites. Firstly, stroke is only covered if it results in permanent symptoms. Secondly, cancer is only covered if it is an advanced case of cancer. Lastly, heart attacks are only covered if they are sufficiently severe.

Why would one purchase credit card protection?

Credit card protection is a form of insurance which an individual can take out with an insurance company. If the individual becomes unable to pay off their credit card debt due to illness or redundancy for example, the insurance will cover the debt.

Which online price comparison sites compare the price of critical illness life cover?

Compare The Market is a great site to compare the price of critical illness life insurance cover. It is great to help an individual find the best insurance quote.

Where to get info on critical illness insurance?

Unfortunately, if your friend is not already covered, he would have a pre-existing medical condition and no new insurance company would cover him. You can look for more information at

What does Sunlife Financial cover?

Sun Life Financial offers four types of health insurance: 1) Personal health insurance covers medical, dental and other expenses that are either not covered or not fully covered by your employer's insurance plan. 2) Disability insurance will replace a portion of your income if you're unable to work. 3) Critical illness insurance will cover your expenses if you need to deal with and recover from a major illness or accident, and 4) long term care insurance is available if you need care over an extended period of time.

Why is group insurance generally less exspensive than individual policies?

Becuase the risk (paying for serious illness treatments) to the insurance company is spread out over a larger pool of individuals.

What is convalescence?

The period of recovery or getting better after an illness.

Who else Apart from the individual with the mental illness is affected by the illness?

Mental illness affects not only the individual with the illness, but also the individual's family, friends and those in their social circle.

How do you find affordable health insurance with a preexisting life long illness?

I would assume that you could only get insurance if you agreed not to make a claim for your existing condition so you are only covered for all other illnesses.

What does ski travel insurance cover?

Ski travel isnurace covers interruption and cancellation, as well as medical expenss in the event of an injury or illness while travelling. Airflight insurance and baggage protections are also covered.

Are health insurance companies responsible for illnesses diagnosed before policy expires?

Yes if the illness is covered on the plan policy but it will not be covered after the policy expires. Your question asks are health insurance companies "responsible" for illnesses diagnosed" before the policy expires. Actually they are not "responsible for the diagnosed illness. They are required to honor the details of the plan policy as to what they will cover for a treatment billed by a medical provider IF it is not an excluded treatment.

Where can I find information on critical illness insurance?

Critical illness insurance or critical illness cover is an insurance product, where the insurer is contracted to typically make a lump sum cash payment if the policyholder is diagnosed with one of the critical illnesses listed in the insurance policy.

What does critical illness insurance cover?

Critical illness insurance is a supplement to traditional medical and disability insurances. The benefits will vary with each individual insurance companies. Overall, it is a policy that will provide a lump sum payment to a person who has a critical illness which can include cancer, strokes or heart attacks. The money can be used to offset out of pocket expenses such as medical co-pays, transportation costs to treatment centers as well as child care.

What service do insurance agencies provide?

Insurance agencies protects against losses of various sorts depending on the coverage you have chosen. The losses covered can include natural disasters, illness, or the actions of other people or even yourself.

Is it beneficial to have temporary medical insurance?

"The only beneftis of a temporary medical insurance policy would be for a health individual and/or someone who does not have a chronic illness. It is a great way to not get locked down into a monthly payment you do not have to make, but if you need health insurance it is almost a scam."

Does Blue Cross Blue Shield pay to have your tubes tied?

Not unless it's medically necessary. That procedure, by itself, is elective and not covered by insurance because there is no illness or injury.

Why to buy critical illness insurance?

As we all know medical insurance is essential although it may not cover everything. In case of serious illness such as Cancer, heart attack, stroke a critical illness insurance pay out and can help to ease financial burden. In critical illness insurance the benefits are paid in addition to your existing coverage & their are no copay or deductibility.

What are some of the companies that offer cheap critical illness insurance?

Critical illness insurance is offered by many different companies. A few of the companies that offer cheap critical illness insurance are Aflac, Aetna, BMO, Allstate, and AIG Direct.

What type of health insurance would be recommended to visitors of the United States?

Visitors to the United States would need to get fully comprehensive health insurance. They would need to be covered for any kind of illness or accident as there is no free healthcare.

What companies provide critical illness insurance?

Many companies provide critical illness insurance, but I personally would reccommend contacting a company such as Aflac, or any company that offers insurance.

What does critical life illness insurance cover?

Critical illness insurance is one of the most Latest catchphrases in the realm of insurance scope. It has turned out to be more imperative as the prevalence of critical illnesses has turned out to be more critical . critical illness insurance can essentially help families survive the monetary weight created by having a noteworthy illness, for example, disease, a heart assault or a stroke. Buy Critical Insurance

What mental illness that has been cured?

Can't be cured but can be treated, the level of recovery depends on the person and the level of severity of the illness.

What is acute stage?

If referring to an illness, it is after the incubation period, the stage of the illness where the symptoms are the most severe, before recovery or convalesense.

What is recovery?

Recovery is healing or returning to state of good health and well-being after an illness or injury. Recovery can also refer to finding and taking back something that was stolen from you.