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How long after stopping Wellbutrin can you start Celexa?


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Well, since Wellbutrin isn't a MAO inhibitor, it can be taken along with Celexa.


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Celexa is a type of antidepressant that may cause some patients to gain weight. How long before you will lose weight after stopping Celexa is dependent upon factors such as how long you were taking the medication for, your diet, age, gender and lifestyle.

My experience with Wellbutrin was yes, it helped me lose weight that I had gained on other anti-depressants. I had been taking EFFEXOR for a long time and kept gaining weight. I was switched to Celexa and told that it shouldn't make me gain weight. I continued to gain weight on the Celexa. I also had sexual side effects. The doctor switched me to Wellbutrin. I had gained 20 lbs. since starting SSRI's. Once I stopped taking those and switched to Wellbutrin, I lost 10 lbs. easily. The other 10 I had to work at to take off, but it came off! On the SSRI's it seemed like no matter what I did to lose weight it wouldn't work. Hope this helps!

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Wellbutrin may take up to thirty days to get into the system. Then the medication will start to show signs of effectiveness and should be taken as directed.

on my third week of celexa withdrawal and i fell awlful massive headache tremors and quessy stomch

Wellbutrin XL stays in the system for approximately 8 to 10 days.

Drinking while taking Wellbutrin isn't dangerous per se - Wellbutrin just amplifies the effects of alcohol. I take Wellbutrin and drink and nothing bad has happened to me, but I do need to drink less. If you're still concerned, Wellbutrin has a half-life of ~21 hours, so it will be mostly cleared from your body in 2 or 3 days. I haven't found any difficulties with drinking alcohol on Wellbutrin, although I am only on 150 mg daily. I've read that it increases risk of seizures, which is higher with Wellbutrin as it is. Just be careful about how much you drink, I would say, or even better -- ask your doctor. _______________________________________________________________ I believe that the above information is incorrect. My pharmacist told me and I've read online that when you drink alcohol while on wellbutrin it empties the stores of wellbutrin that youre body/brain has accumulated since you started. Many people go into wellbutrin withdrawal after they drink and feel really bad for days or weeks. Ive been through it, its HORRIBLE.

Wellbutrin is also used for depression and it takes 6 weeks to really start to work. The good effects you will notice more by surprise. It's so quick, yet one could miss the small effects first. Usually calmness, better mood. Wellbutrin is also used to help smokers stop smoking.

don't hold me to this but i have read from another web site to wait at least 5 weeks although probably best asking a doctor

When I started taking Wellbutrin, I noticed immediately. It helps calm me down, helps with sleep, and with concentration somewhat.

Yes, I've been doing it for over a year and have no issuse as long as your blood pressure remains normal and consistant.

Trains require a long stopping distance.

Antidepressants may take anywhere from 2 weeks to a month for the full effects to be felt. Increasing a dose can be much the same.

Withdrawl on celexa can be devistating keep braking your pills in half every two weeks, go slow and you may need to take a half of a 10mg just to deal with withdrawl symptoms, be very carefull and watch your emotions be cool and breathe deep go very slow and you will be fine I did it after 7 years on 60mg of celexa.

There are many different experiences for "quitting" a medication. Quitting usually means stopping without medical consultation. Stopping means a planned or approved cessation to the medication. If one is not feeling better on the medication, then stopping maybe indicated, especially if a variety of doses have been tried. With simple google review, one can ascertain that titration down (taper) is the best method to end an antidepressant. That said, in the lower doses, there is very little reporting of folks having a withdrawal syndrome akin to SSRIs (zoloft etc.) There is a chance one can experience depression after stopping wellbutrin, especially if that is what one is being treated for. Again, if the medication isn't helping (lots of side effects) then the depression isn't likely to worsen in the absence of the medication. Each person is different but the majority of reports on stopping wellbutrin seem to indicate little rebound to depression. Also the manufacturer advises immediate stopping if one has a seizure (which means that all other impacts of the drug stopping are trumped, and ok with a sudden stop).. That said, a seizure is not the same as stopping for lack of efficacy. Stopping a medication due to a seizure does not mean the depression goes untreated. Another medication is probably in order. Below is another person's account of stopping the medication. I have been taking Wellbutrin for a long time. When I stop taking it, my depression symptoms gradually begin to return. When the symptoms become intense enough, I need to go back on it again. I never suffered from withdrawal symptoms like I did many years ago after quiting Zoloft, though. But I have become resigned to the fact that I will probably need to be on depression medication for the rest of my life because I can't go more than one year symptom-free without it.

There is no need to wait to conceive after stopping Mirena or any IUD. You can get pregnant immediately after stopping without concerns about safety.

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If you are expecting the Wellbutrin to do all the work, then never.  It will help decrease your desire through mood, appetite, and taste changes...but it is an aid, not the cure.  You have to actively want to cease smoking.

long time useage makes you a addict..stopping sudden is called having withdrawl..dont start and you wont have to worry about it.

There is no typical time that it takes to start menstruating after stopping the Depo shot. While some women will bleed within a week or so, it can take others months before their menstrual cycle resumes.

Immediately after stopping pills you can expect pregnancy (after regular unprotected sex!).

Withdrawals of Prozac may start within eight hours of stopping the medication. Withdrawal symptoms may last for six to eight weeks.

The answer will vary from one person to another, one drug to another, how long the addiction has lasted, the motivation for stopping.

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