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How long after the expiration date on canned goods can they still be safely consumed?


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After the expiration date, you shouldn't eat canned goods. Safely consuming canned goods means that they are eaten before the expiration date.


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Many canned goods can still be eaten after the expiration date. Often the date on canned goods is not actually an expiration date, but a best if used by date. This is the date for peak quality.

Manufacturers differ on where they place expiration dates. You can find this information on most food manufacturer's websites.

Fresh vegetables are not non-perishable. Canned goods are non-perishable but many canned goods have a "Best if used by" date or an expiration date on either the top of the can or the bottom of the can.

"Expiration Date"? There is a SELL BY date, and on canned goods, and some dry goods, a BEST IF USED BY, or BEST IF OPENED BY dates.Meats and dairy goods usually are the ones with MUST SELL BY dates...

You can store cans and other non-perishables for quite some as long as they don't exceed their expiration date.

HOME CANNED FOOD HAS ITS BEST FLAVOD THE FIRST YEAR.It can be used for several years later.Its a judgment factor for the canner.

Lots of producers all around the world produce canned goods.

Don't eat foods that are past their expiration dates. Cereals just taste like cardboard and might make you sick. Never ever eat canned goods past their expiration dates.

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Most canned foods don't have an exact expiration date. Unless they were improperly canned, they are not degrading in the same way uncanned food does - but they will deteriorate in nutrition and quality. If the can has a best-by date on it, try to use it before then. If not, try to use it within a year of purchase. If home-canned, try to use it before the next harvest. As always, check canned goods for signs of spoilage before using them.

Home canned goods can be safely kept until the lid starts to rust or the seal is broken, but really should be used before the next harvest. Commercially canned stuff usually carries a best-by date. I wouldn't use it much past 6 months later.

Depends on the amount of salt in the canned food liquid.

Canned goods can be purchased at local supermarkets and stores nearby. Most stores have canned goods readily available. There are also specialty stores that have local products usually imported from other countries if you are looking for a specific ethnic items such as olives or tamales.

Dairy Deli Meat Liquor Canned goods dry goods, produce

No. Freezing canned goods will expand the material inside and split the can open. Food is canned to preserve it . . . you could simply store it on the shelf in a cool place.

Meaning that if prices change by 1%, the change in quantity would be 2.5% (at $100/piece, 1000 goods are consumed. if the price rises to $101, only 975 goods are consumed. And if the price falls to $99, 1025 goods are consumed.)

i think it depends on the food. as in veggies canned veggies such as peas, are less energy efficient then frozen veggies. however, i read that canned potatoes are more energy efficient then refrigerated potatoes.

No.More informationActually, most dates on canned goods are 'best by' dates, not actual expirations. Companies tend to be conservative on the dating of their products so that people will utilize the food while it is in prime condition. The product would not be guaranteed after that date. And so much depends upon the storage conditions.Even unopened canned food can deteriorate in quality and nutrition.So it will depend upon how far past the expiration date, storage conditions and the condition of the can. Using it would be up to you.

Canned goods have nee known to last up to 100 years, however up to five years is enough in the home. Also, ensure the can has not degraded first

Each manufacturer can have their own coding system. The code in the discussion area could be interpreted many ways, but the only way to know for certain would be for you to contact the manufacturer or distributor listed on the can's label.

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