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It really depends on the person and the build of their body I started to feel a change in my abdomen around 3 and 1/2 months pregnant theres really no definite answer for all people sorry I couldn't be of more help! Yes, if you are slim you will probably be able to feel it as a little hard lump at around 14 weeks.

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โˆ™ 2006-03-15 20:00:49
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Q: How long after you are pregnant does your belly by your bikini line get a little hard?
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I am 5 weeks pregnant and my belly isn't hard. Is that normal should I be worried?

i am 5 weeks pregnant and my belly isn't hard. is that normal??

Why does your belly sometimes get hard when you are only 11 weeks pregnant?

its because the uterus is growing and it forms like shell for the baby and when you are a little chunking that's why it takes a little bit longer for your belly to hardin because the skin isn't as tight around the belly.

When pregnant will your belly be hard below the belly button?

YES! That's the first place it gets hard because of the growing uterus.

Would it mean you are pregnant if your belly feels hard around your belly button?

Well obviously you havent missed a period. I thought all of this too but i am now pregnant and know a lot more. No, just because it is hard around there doesnt mean you could be pregnant. It is more likely your muscles. When you first become pregnant, by the 4th week the only thing that is hard is a little spot right above your pubic bone.

When you are two weeks pregnant does your belly feel hard?

No, it's physically impossible. You're belly doesn't start getting hard until 6-7 months along.

My cats belly is hard and her nipples keep going pinkish then white is she pregnant?


Can your belly be hard after 4 weeks of pregnancy?

No, it's impossible. So you're not pregnant.

How should your belly feel if you are 13 weeks pregnant?

Well I know as early as 8 weeks pregnant my abdomen felt very hard if I pushed on it, whereas when not pregnant I could push in pretty far if I poked by belly.

If you are pregnant will your stomach right where your bikini line starts become a little hard?

It's possible for it to get a little hard. Everything is changing. If you have concerns, talk to your doctor. If this is your only sign of pregnancy and you haven't had a positive test, take a test. Having just that symptom isn't a really good sign to go by.

Hard belly button?

The belly button is the spot on the body where the umbilical cord attached in the womb. In pregnant woman the belly button starts to pop out as a woman gets later in her pregnancy.

Could you be pregnant if you have bumps around your nipples and your belly is hard?

Possibly, but the other signs are missed periods. Take a pregnancy test soon if you have missed a period. A hard belly doesn't usually show up until about the 4th month when you start to appear pregnant.

Does your belly ever hurt when your pregnant?

Your belly does hurt when your pregnet. Just be calm and eat the right foods. If i were you just dont stretch and breath to hard. If your belly hurts then it might be the baby kicking

How can you tell if a female king snake is pregnant?

You'll be able to feel a tiny hard lump on their 'belly'

When pregnant will your belly be hard above the bellybutton?

If your having a boy, then you her belly will get hard under the bellybutton. With a girl, above the bellybutton. Ask your doctor for more information. You will not know whether you're having a boy or girl based on the hardess in a certain area of your belly...

How can you know if the guineapig is pregnant?

This is hard to tell early. The further along she gets, the easier it gets to see that she is pregnant. Her belly will become big and solid.

What does a belly ring mean?

A belly ring is a hoop ring that goes through your belly button. It's a little painful and hard to take care of. You can get a lot of different rings for it.

Can a 6-month pregnant woman sleep on her belly?

You can sleep how you are comfortable. The baby is protected. But at 6 months when the belly is hard not many feel comfortable doing that.

Is a rabbits belly hard or soft when its pregnant?

Just like any other animal the bunnies stomic will be bigger than normal and it will be a bit hard.

When can you tell that your guinea pig is pregnant?

This is a hard thing to do. The only way you can tell is by their belly. Once the babies grow big enough for mamas belly to grow big, you can tell.

When 3 months pregnant is your belly hard?

according to my wife, who's in second pregnancy its not. it hardenes on around 6th month.

Why is it hard above the belly button while pregnant?

Depending on how far along you are, the height of your uterus might be above your belly button. Just wait until it is sitting under your ribcage!

Can i lay on my stomach if I am pregnant?

It's perfectly safe. Eventually you will be too big and the belly will be hard so you will automatically sleep on the side.

Can you lose your baby if you got hit in the belly really hard and you're only one week pregnant?

Yes, u definitely can.

Will a hard top fit over a bikini top on a jeep?

No, they use the same rail on the windshield to connect, and if the bikini top is there you will not be able to latch the hard top.

Should your 13 belly be soft?

Of course! Who has a hard belly?!?!?!