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How long after you had a complete miscarriage should you wait to start birth control?


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Dear Reader; Only your health care provider can answer that question since a reason for the miscarriage is not known to me. I do want to share with you a little about miscarriage. Miscarriage also known as spontainious abortion can be caused by multiple factors. Four of them are; induced miscarriage, misarriage due to problems with the mothers health, miscarriage due to problems with the fetus, and miscarriage do to specific disease. Induced miscarriage can be brought about by hormonal dosage such as the morning after pill, alergens, poisons, and some forms of trauma. The mother can have problems with her body which can present many different ways. She may have a miscarriage one time and then not the next and so on. The growth of the fetus is a very interesting and complicated process. The human gnome structure does not have the complete information to build the human body. What it does have is enough information to build a self replicating computer, the brain. The brain uses the blueprint it got from the gnome structure to build the framework of the body and then fills in the detail on its own. Look closely at identical twins. You will see many small differences. If any things goes wrong in the process, the brain or the body organs will shut down and miscarriage occures. There are other things that can happen in the fetus to cause miscarriage, too numerous to mention here. The specific disease I want to mention is or are STDs. The first sign, in some cases, of a STD infection is miscarriage. These are reasons a woman who has had a miscarriage should see a health care provider for the sake of her own and future children's health. Dwight