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depends on your diet 3 months...

if you drink alot of milk 2-3 weeks

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Q: How long after you smoke crack can you pass a urine test being sent to a lab?
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How long does it take to get crack cocaine out your urine?

crack cocaine and cocaine is in your urine for 4 days

Can crack cocaine show in urine from only secondhand smoke being inhaled?

yes, but not for a long time and i am guessing you have to take a drug test so, just tell the tester that you suffer from second hand smoke and they should understand.

What is the longest crack stays in urine?

It can stay in your urine for 72 to as long 90 hours.

How long does it take for crack cocaine to not show up on urine drug test?

crack cocaine last three days in the blood or urine system.

How long does cigarette smoke test positive in urine test?

a long time so dont smoke

How long does crack cocaine smoked show in urine?

how long does cocaine stayin your system

What crack does to the body?

When you smoke crack you are effecting your brain! as you smoke crack and get addicted, over a long period of time your brain will dysfunction and could cause you some serious problems when your older.

How long does crack stay in unborn babies urine?

Long enough for me to know your a bad mom

How long is needed to pass oral swab test after smoking crack?

crack is wack, smoke some herb

How long after smoking crack cocaine does it take to register in the urine?

3 hours

How long does crack take to leave the urine system?

Crack is just a diluted, easier-to-smoke form of cocaine. So, it takes as long as cocaine does to leave the body: approximately 72 hours (3 days). But you might want to wait 5 or 6 days, just to be safe.

If you smoke pcp one time how long will it be dectable in your urine?


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