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STRAIGHT AWAY. Ten weeks ago I had a miscarriage/curette. Six weeks after that due to being careless I had another miscarriage/no curette- NO PERIOD IN BETWEEN. Now, after having protected sex once in four weeks I'm pregnant again(!)- NO PERIOD IN BETWEEN. I had HCG levels done through it all to confirm each pregnancy and loss. Warning: wait until you have had your period at least once after a currette. Its not just the emotional side of things, your insides DO need to heal. With a natural miscarriage with no curette, should be able to try when you are emotionally ready.

I just had a miscarriage and was told that you can try as soon as you feel ready depending on how far along you were. You need to make sure that you are emotionally ready, but other than that you can try right away, from my understanding you are fertil apx 14 days after you miscarry.

I think right away. I miscarried Feb 24, and although we have not been trying, I think I am pregnant again (late and have symptoms). I was only 5 weeks along when I misscarried and was told to wait 2 cycles before getting pregnant again.

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Q: How long after you suffer a miscarriage can you become fertile again?
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Is it more easy to get pregnant after a miscarriage?

I miscarried in a week and by the following fortnight i was pregnant again. You are actually very fertile straight after a miscarriage so it is very possible.

How soon after a miscarriage can you become pregnant again?

The next month- as soon as your body is able to ovulate again. I had a miscarriage in July and got pregnant in August. With TWINS! :)

How can a man become fertile again if he is infertile?

A man can become fertile again if he is infertile through various ways. Medical analysis and improvement in nutrition may resolve the problem gradually.

How long after Dilation and Curettage can you be fertile?

You are fertile right after until the hormones have settled but should wait at least 4 months until trying to get pregnant again to try to avoid miscarriage.

Trying to conceive after miscarriage did not need dc do not really have to wait for a cycle to try again how long were you fertile while trying after miscarriage never had one previous two pregs norm?

I was told to wait one cycle then try again!

When does a hamster become fertile again after having babies?

in like a day

Had a miscarriage in may08 pregnant again should miscarriage be a concern?

Not necessarily. A miscarriage can happen during a woman's first or fourth pregnancy. There is always a chance, but you shouldn't stress yourself out about it happening again every time you become pregnant.

When a man has a vasectomy could he become fertile again without the procedure being reversed?

no, this is impossible

Are you still fertile after tubal ligation failure and 1 miscarriage?

Since you've gotten pregnant once, chances are that it could happen again. But, if the first miscarriage was because it was a tubal pregnancy, then you have a greater chance that any subsequent pregnancies will be tubal as well.

Is Jill Bauer pregnant again?

She was but had a miscarriage.

You just had a miscarriage and now i find out that im pregnant again what should you do?

You just had a miscarriage and noe i find out that im pregnat again what should you do?

You have read that after a miscarriage women get pregnant before there first cycle because you ovulate 2 weeks after a miscarriage is this safe or do you need to wait a cycle to start trying again?

My dr. told me you can start trying to conceive right away after a miscarriage as you are most fertile then. The problem they (the dr.'s) have with it is that it may be hard to determine how far along you would be in your new pregnancy. As long as you feel ready to start trying again there really is no medical reason you should wait. I had a miscarriage mar. of this year and this is what my dr. told me

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