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Winning a lawsuit will have no impact on your ability to file for Chapter 7 bankruptcy. If you are a judgment creditor, the judgment might become an asset of the bankruptcy estate and the bankruptcy trust might choose to sell the judgment or enforce the judgment for the benefit of your creditors..

if someone files bankruptcy on as credit card does that a third party has charged on and the debt is cleared dose the third party continue paying for a debt that is no longer there

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Q: How long after you win a third party lawsuit can you file a Chapter 7 bankruptcy?
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Are third party debt collection agencies entitled to receive money in a chapter 13 bankruptcy?

Not from you or your bankruptcy estate. Check and make sure the "third party" didn't purchase the debt from the original creditor. Speak with an attorney about your specific situation. If you can not find an attorney, contact your local Bar association and they will refer you to one.

Can a third party collection agency collect any debt not listed on a bankruptcy?

Yes. Whether or not the collector can file a lawsuit depends upon the SOL for the state in which the debtor lives, or in some cases where the debt was incurred.

What is an Intervener in child custody issues?

In a lawsuit, an intervenor is a third party that enters the case because he has some issues at stake. In a custody lawsuit, an intervenor would probably be a third party that has some claim of custody over the child.

What if an insurance company denies my third party claim when they are at fault in car accident?

Then it's time for a lawsuit.

Can attorney notarize spouse in a civil lawsuit when he is the attorney for his spouse?

A third party should notarize any documents.

Causes to sue a third party in a divorce?

If you're talking about an ALIENATION OF AFFECTION lawsuit, most states have abolished that law.

How do you petition for 1031 exchange third party beneficiary funds from chapter 11 bankruptcy judge?

You are a creditor, like all others. The funds can't be disperssed without court approval. You will need to file a proof of claim and work through the process. Your funds are clearly at risk. This may be a particularly complex claim and you should get legal help that is intimately familar with corporate bankruptcy.

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Can you receive a federal Stafford loan while in chapter 13 bankruptcy?

I'm currently in my third year of chapter 13 repayment, I was going to go back to schools full time night time program, looking for advsie on trying to pay for it, also I make over 60,000, but my chapter 13 repayment is based on this amount

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One way is paying a fee to a third party organization that will provide the needed document and support.

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Is there a time limit that a third party collector has to collect a debt?

There are not time limits in which the collection of a debt can be pursued. All states do have statutes of limitation which designate the time in which a creditor has to file a lawsuit to collect monies owed.

If a chap 13 bankruptcy is discharged and a bill is left unpaid can third party collections attempt to collect on it?

A bankruptcy can be closed or dismissed. It cannot be "discharged." The debtor is discharged from having to pay any dischargeable bills. If the 13 was successfully completed, and the debt was listed as an unsecured debt if the unsecured creditors were paid something under the plan, it might not have been discharged. Many third party debt collection law firms and agencies are trying to collect discharged debts in violation of the permanent stay. It is illegal.

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Are third party exemptions froze?

If someone owes you money and you have a promissory note for both their business and personal assets can you go after them for personal bankruptcy?

I'm not certain what youmean by "go after them for personal bankruptcy." If you mean can they be included in your bankruptcy filing as a third party who owes you money,they might be claimed as assets to be collected. If you mean can you file a petition to be excluded from their BK and then pursue a lawsuit, you can, but it is doubtful it would be granted. Usually only secured creditors are allowed that option.additionI assume the business has a debt towards you and the business' owner has guaranteed this loan. In such a situation, you should ask the money back from the business and if the business fails to do so (on first request) you can go after the owner. If the owner is not willing or capable of paying you can go after him for a personal bankruptcy.

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