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  1. Conception usually occurs about 5-7 days after intercourse
  2. Your most fertile period is about 5 days before ovulation
  3. For most(but not all) women ovulation occurs about 14 days prior to her period.
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Q: How long after your period should you wait to try to get pregnant?
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How long should you wait to get pregnant after a dnc?

I think its like...4-6 weeks after or after you get your period again.

How long should you wait to check to see if your pregnant even after getting my period?

till u miss a period or get to your doctor for a blood test!!!

If you think you are pregnant and have a period how long should you wait before taking a pregnancy test?

Hiya! If the period is normal then it is unlikely you are pregnant hun. However, you can do a pregnancy test as soon as the bleeding stops.

How long does it take to show that you are pregnant?

You should wait til you miss the first day of your period then take a at home pregnancy test

What age sholud you be to get pregnant?

You can get pregnant starting as soon as your period starts, but you SHOULD wait until you are AT LEAST 18.

How long should you wait after removing the NuvaRing to try and get pregnant?

There is no need to wait to conceive after stopping NuvaRing. You can get pregnant as soon as you like.

You are pregnant with his baby how long should you wait to call him?

Nine months.

How long should you wait to see a doctor if you think you are pregnant?


How long should i wait before my dog can get pregnant again?


Should you wait to have a catheterization after you get your period?

No. You should not wait to have a catheterizing after you get your period.

Do you have to wait to you period to know if your pregnant?


How many periods should i have after sex to be sure I'm not pregnant?

After having sex you will have to wait for your period next month to know if you are pregnant, if you miss it you are pregnant.

Can you still get pregnant couple days of your period?

If you want to get pregnant you have to wait until your period is over.

What age do you have to be to be pregnant?

If you ovulate and have your period you can get pregnant at any age but you should wait until you are at least 21 and have a proper education so you can support yourselves.but better yet you should wait till your married.

How long should you wait to get pregnant once IUD is removed?

90 days

How long should you wait to get up after intercourse when trying to get pregnant?

30 minutes.

Do you have to wait after your first missed period to know if youre pregnant?

That is one way of knowing you are pregnant but some women still have a period while pregnant that is why you should also use the pregnancy test

How long do i need to wait to know if am pregnant or not?

Usually two weeks after intercourse. Or the day of your expected period.

Who should you ask to help you find out if you are pregnant?

You should buy a urine test to determine pregnancy or wait for a missed period.

How long can you wait to get pregnant after an Hysterosalpingogram?

The doctor told me that you should wait two hours before having intercourse.

How long should you wait to get pregnant after your husband was treated for chlamydia?

There is no need to wait to conceive after effective treatment for chlamydia.

How long should you wait to get pregnant after taking isoniazid?

You should wait at least one month before getting pregnant. The drug may effect your pregnancy. The drug needs to leave your system before you get pregnant.

How long after a miscarriage should you wait to have intercourse not want pregnant?

You should wait a couple of weeks for the healing but you can always get pregnant both before the 2 weeks and after so use protection.

How long after a spotting should you take a test?

I would say you should wait about a week and then you see if your pregnant or not

if you get your implantation bleeding on your period day how long you should wait to test your pregnancy?

3 days after your period