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How long ago did Buddhism begin?

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Siddhartha Gautama (Buddha) was born around 563 BCE in what is now Nepal and began to gather followers to his philosophies at about age 35. So the faith would date to around 528 BCE or thereabouts. Buddhism is the 3rd oldest major world religion after Hinduism and then Judaism.

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How many years ago did Buddhism begin?


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How long has Buddhism been around?

Buddhism was founded about 2500 years ago.

What year did Buddhism begin?

In approximately the year 600 B.C.Buddhism began around 500 B.C. According to the Buddhist calendar it is 2,553 years ago.

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Buddhism began in about 536 BC officially though buddhists believe there were other buddhas long before this.

How long ago did Buddhism started?

Siddartha Guatama (Buddha) was enlightened in 528 B.C. so about 2539 years ago.

Where did buddism begin?

Buddhism began in India thousands of years ago. It has now spread to nearly every country on earth.

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