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Judaism came before Christianity and Islam. Christianity and Islam came from Judaism.

Judaism is about 1300 BCE.

Christianity was founded in 33 CE.

Islam was founded in 622 CE.

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Q: How long ago did Judaism Christianity and Islam originate?
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Why has Judaism lasted so long?

Because as the founding religion of both Christianity and Islam it was tolerated.another answerBecause God sees to it that the Jews will always continue to exist.

Why is Jerusalem important to Christianity Islam and Judaism?

Because Jerusalem has long been the Capitol city of the Israelites. All 3 religions have their roots in Jewish history.

What is the oldest abrahamic religion?

The three major abrahamic religions are Judaism, Christianity and Islam. Judaism and Islam both claim to be as old as creation. Of course, at most only one of these claims could be true, and that would be the oldest religion in the world. More practically, Judaism is by far the oldest of the three religions. Many Jews believe that Judaism was founded by Abraham over 4,000 years ago. Even biblical scholars say that Judaism, as we know it today, had its origins in the middle of the first millennium BCE - long before the start of Christianity and Islam.

What two prophets accepted by Jews and Christians are also accepted by Muslims?

All the Prophets of Christianity and Judaism are accepted by Muslims, as Muslims believe that Judaism and Christianity are earlier stages of Islam. Jesus (Isa), for example, or Moses (Musa), were also Prophets of Islam.

How long ago did Judaism originate?

According to tradition, it was 3800 years ago.

Did the Catholic church use Christianity Judaism and Islam and rewrite one Bible?

The Catholic Church maintained the Hebrew Bible (in translation; not always accurate) and added to it the Christian Testament. They didn't adopt texts or precepts from Islam, because their Bible had been set in its permanent form long before the start of Islam. On the contrary, it was Islam that adopted certain things from Christianity.

What religion worships many Gods and Goddesses?

Basically any religion besides Judaism, Christianity and Islam. Nearly every other religion, before or since, has been pantheistic or polytheistic in nature. Its a long list.

What religions worshipped many gods and goddesses?

Basically any religion besides Judaism, Christianity and Islam. Nearly every other religion, before or since, has been pantheistic or polytheistic in nature. Its a long list.

What religion was the precursor to Christianity and Judaism?

Answer AArguably, animism was the precursor to all formal religions, including both Christianity and Judaism. Of course, Judaism is the obvious precursor to Christianity. So what came immediately before Judaism? The Bible itself tells us that the northern Hebrew kingdom of Israel was at all times polytheistic, and that the southern kingdom, Judah, was polytheistic until the late monarchical period, when King Josiah began to impose monotheism as the official religion of Judah. So, Judaism only began to evolve, in the form we know today, during the late monarchical period, the Babylonian Exile and the Persian period that followed. Many of the beliefs that we now find in Judaism were already held by the Persians and only found their way into Judaism during the Babylonian Exile and the early Persian period, causing some scholars to suggest that Judaism absorbed these beliefs from Zoroastrianism.In summary, there was a long period when animism prevailed, followed by another long period of Hebrew polytheism, then the emergence of monotheistic Judaism, which may have absorbed much from the Zoroastrian religion, then finally Christianity split off from Judaism.Answer BIslam, in its universal sense, is the precursor to Judaism and Christianity. It is the religion since the universe creation. Islam means submission to God, the Creator as the one and only one God. Accordingly, all God creations were coined on full submission to God. Only mankind were given by God the choice either to be in full submission to God (Islam) or to be polytheist or atheist. Prophets were sent to mankind by God to call for submission to God (to call for Islam). Islam per God revelation of Torah to Moses is called Judaism. Islam per God revelation of the Bible to Jesus is called Christianity. Islam per God revelation of Quran to Muhammad is called the very name Islam. Islam is the mission of all prophets since Adam including Noah, ..., Abraham, Isaac, Ishmael, Jacob, ..., Moses, ..., Jesus, and finally Muhammad (Peace be upon them all).

What do Judaism and Islam have in commona.Both believe in more than one god.bBoth were branches of the Hindu religion.c.Both see Abraham as the father of their faith.d.Both see Moses as the father of their faith?

There are three religions, Islam, Christianity and Judaism. The followers of the first religion knew the truth and followed it with one truth and many lies, and the followers of the second religion, Christianity, knew the truth and went out of the way. As for the third religion, Judaism, its adherents learned that the Islamic religion is true and insisted on not following it....a long topic that you should research

Does Judaism believe in the ten commandments?

Yes. The Jews observed the ten commandments long before the existence of Christianity.

Where did the worlds three largest monotheistic religions develop and how did they spread?

Christianity, Islam and Judaism all originated in the Middle East. Judaism may be regarded as the original, and the other two as derivatives as they come later and are based on the principals of Judaism (e.g. one God and Abraham are common in all). The story of their spread is impossible to lay out to you simply; it would fill volumes. It was spread by the work of the Apostles (Christianity), war and conquest (Islam - although I do not mean this in any way to be offensive, but appreciably it was spread through much of Africa and into Spain by conquest - and also Christianity), colonisation (Christianity), trade (all three, I'd imagine) and displacement (Judaism in many occasions, not just the obvious - the Jews have a long history of persecution). That's just a few ways, but as I say, it's complicated like all history.

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