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Judaism came before Christianity and Islam. Christianity and Islam came from Judaism.

Judaism is about 1300 BCE.

Christianity was founded in 33 CE.

Islam was founded in 622 CE.

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The three major abrahamic religions are Judaism, Christianity and Islam. Judaism and Islam both claim to be as old as creation. Of course, at most only one of these claims could be true, and that would be the oldest religion in the world. More practically, Judaism is by far the oldest of the three religions. Many Jews believe that Judaism was founded by Abraham over 4,000 years ago. Even biblical scholars say that Judaism, as we know it today, had its origins in the middle of the first millennium BCE - long before the start of Christianity and Islam.

Because Jerusalem has long been the Capitol city of the Israelites. All 3 religions have their roots in Jewish history.

Because as the founding religion of both Christianity and Islam it was tolerated.another answerBecause God sees to it that the Jews will always continue to exist.

All the Prophets of Christianity and Judaism are accepted by Muslims, as Muslims believe that Judaism and Christianity are earlier stages of Islam. Jesus (Isa), for example, or Moses (Musa), were also Prophets of Islam.

According to tradition, it was 3800 years ago.

Answer AArguably, animism was the precursor to all formal religions, including both Christianity and Judaism. Of course, Judaism is the obvious precursor to Christianity. So what came immediately before Judaism? The Bible itself tells us that the northern Hebrew kingdom of Israel was at all times polytheistic, and that the southern kingdom, Judah, was polytheistic until the late monarchical period, when King Josiah began to impose monotheism as the official religion of Judah. So, Judaism only began to evolve, in the form we know today, during the late monarchical period, the Babylonian Exile and the Persian period that followed. Many of the beliefs that we now find in Judaism were already held by the Persians and only found their way into Judaism during the Babylonian Exile and the early Persian period, causing some scholars to suggest that Judaism absorbed these beliefs from Zoroastrianism.In summary, there was a long period when animism prevailed, followed by another long period of Hebrew polytheism, then the emergence of monotheistic Judaism, which may have absorbed much from the Zoroastrian religion, then finally Christianity split off from Judaism.Answer BIslam, in its universal sense, is the precursor to Judaism and Christianity. It is the religion since the universe creation. Islam means submission to God, the Creator as the one and only one God. Accordingly, all God creations were coined on full submission to God. Only mankind were given by God the choice either to be in full submission to God (Islam) or to be polytheist or atheist. Prophets were sent to mankind by God to call for submission to God (to call for Islam). Islam per God revelation of Torah to Moses is called Judaism. Islam per God revelation of the Bible to Jesus is called Christianity. Islam per God revelation of Quran to Muhammad is called the very name Islam. Islam is the mission of all prophets since Adam including Noah, ..., Abraham, Isaac, Ishmael, Jacob, ..., Moses, ..., Jesus, and finally Muhammad (Peace be upon them all).

The Catholic Church maintained the Hebrew Bible (in translation; not always accurate) and added to it the Christian Testament. They didn't adopt texts or precepts from Islam, because their Bible had been set in its permanent form long before the start of Islam. On the contrary, it was Islam that adopted certain things from Christianity.

Basically any religion besides Judaism, Christianity and Islam. Nearly every other religion, before or since, has been pantheistic or polytheistic in nature. Its a long list.

Until they were replaced by other religions, as Islam and Christianity.

Christianity, Islam and Judaism all originated in the Middle East. Judaism may be regarded as the original, and the other two as derivatives as they come later and are based on the principals of Judaism (e.g. one God and Abraham are common in all). The story of their spread is impossible to lay out to you simply; it would fill volumes. It was spread by the work of the Apostles (Christianity), war and conquest (Islam - although I do not mean this in any way to be offensive, but appreciably it was spread through much of Africa and into Spain by conquest - and also Christianity), colonisation (Christianity), trade (all three, I'd imagine) and displacement (Judaism in many occasions, not just the obvious - the Jews have a long history of persecution). That's just a few ways, but as I say, it's complicated like all history.

Answer 1 :Historical AnswerIf we look at it historically, Judaism would be the earliest, considering Moses and his revelation occurred long before Jesus Christ (approximately 1200 years). Christianity would follow suit, during the advent of Jesus Christ. Islam is last, since prophet Muhammad appeared later after the Crucifixion (approximately 600 years). Furthermore, the other religions can be tracked back to Judaism through Abraham.Judaism is the oldest, at about three thousand years old. Christianity, at about two thousand years old and Islam, at about one thousand four hundred years old.It is worth noting that archaeologists typically see Judaism as a younger religion than the date given by the Moses revelation. Some date it to around 800 B.C.E. when Josiah proclaimed Jewish Monotheism and other date it to Priestly Biblical source in 550 B.C.E. Regardless, Judaism would still be over 500 years older than Christianity and 1100 years older than Islam.Answer 2: Muslim Theological AnswerOf course, Islam believes that its religion did not start with Muhammad himself. In fact, Muhammad was the Seal of the religion. His arrival meant the final revelation for humanity and that Islam actually started during the time of Adam (The First Man) itself. Thus, Islam would be considered the oldest.In addition to the information above, it is worthy to mention that Islam means full submission to God and full surrender to God. In this sense, Islam is the objective of all God revelations to all Prophets from the start of humanity including Noah, Abraham (Ibrahim), Ismael, Isac, Jacob, Joseph, Moses, David, Solomon, ..., Jesus and Mohamed (peace upon them all).However, Revelation by God to prophet Moses is called Judaism, revelation to prophet Jesus is called Christianity, and revelation to prophet Mohamed is the called the very name Islam.Answer 3 : Jewish viewJudaism is the oldest of these three faiths. Abraham was an idol worshiper, who renounced idolatry and accepted when G-d called him to serve the One True G-d exclusively. Abraham was the 'Father of faith' so to speak and he is the first patriarch of Judaism.Moses, King David, King Solomon etc, are all great men who came later in Jewish history.In Judaism, we have a belief in the coming of a Messiah.It is from this belief that Christianity arose 2,000 years after the founding of Judaism. Jesus, raised Jewish, began to rally thousands around him. His followers believed He was the promised Jewish Messiah.Christianity gradually split from Judaism, as Christianity was becoming a completely different religion, often highly influenced from Greek and pagan sources.About 1,400 years ago, Islam was founded by a man named Mohammed whom some believed to be a prophet. He gathered crowds around him and started Islam. Islam has some of the same 'Bible stories' as Jews and Christians though Islam has some different details. For example, the story of Abraham offering his son as an offering to G-d (whom G-d spared by providing a ram). Jews and Christians know the event to be Abraham offering his wife Sarah's son, Isaac. Muslims believe Abraham offered up Ishmael, the son he had from extramarital relations with the Egyptian handmaiden Hagar.In short: the order of the religions is, Judaism, Christianity, Islam.Judaism is the oldest.Answer 4Islam is an old Arabic name that means submission to Allah (or God in English and same God in Judaism and Christianity). The root of the world Islam is "Selm" that means peace. Islam in its universal sense is God religion since start of universe creation and even before. All God creations are created on submission to God (Islam) even if we don't recognize how they submit to God. All God prophet missions are to call to submission to God with no partner, no companion, no associate, and no equivalence. All God prophets since Adam; including Noah, Abraham, Isaac, Ismael, Jacob, Joseph, Moses, David, Solomon, ..., Jesus, and Muhammad (peace be upon them all) called their people to Islam in its universal meaning of submission to God with no partner. However, Islam per God Torah revelation to Moses is called Judaism, Islam per God Bible revelation to Jesus is called Christianity, and Islam per God Quran revelation to Muhammad is called the very name Islam as Quran is the last God holy book. Accordingly, Islam is the oldest God religion that dates back to before universe creation and the three religions of Judaism (per Moses), Christianity (per Jesus), and Islam (per Muhammad) stem from Islam in its universal sense.

Yes. The Jews observed the ten commandments long before the existence of Christianity.

They are Judaism, Christianity, and Islam.Even, (Aa)Bhrahmanism which is the previous religion of Aryans before they invaded India and merged with Indian tribes' religions (Saiva, Vaishnava, Bhuddha) and became "Hindus" also one of main Abhrahamic religions.Islamic View:Islam is not an offshoot of Judaism. It is original revelations uncorrupted by man. The message as God intended it long before judaism and during the time of prophet Moses, Christ and Muhammad peace be upon them all. The message was and still is the word of Allah.

Answer 1I guess your question is reference to the differences,1. In Judaism, IE Jews don't accept Jesus and Muhammad as prophets, where as in Islam, both Jesus and Muhammad are considered as prophets,2. Judaism came before Christianity and Islam, later came Christianity in continuation of Judaism.. and then came Islam in continuation of Christianity. so you can say Islam is most updated version of both Christianity and Judaism. but Christians and Jews don't accept this fact, but Qur'an makes it clear in a lot of verses about it.3. Few(few, not all) Muslims and Christians don't like Jews for a reason that Jews by history known as people who killed Jesus, and various other prophets.there are few other minor differences in aspects to culture and geopolitics , but those are not that much important to mention.Answer 2There are three very different answers to this depending on whose perspective is taken.Jewish Perspective: The question is backwards. As Judaism came into existence nearly two millenia prior to Islam, the question that should be asked is why Islam is different from Judaism. Judaism does not believe that Mohammed had access to prophecy and as such, the religion he touted, while inspired by the Divine Works in Judaism would have had additions made to suit his endemic Arab Culture and his enmity towards certain Jewish tribes later in life. These alterations are the cause of the differences between the faiths.Islamic Perspective: Although Mohammed came long after Judaism was established, Judaism was established on a faulty pretext: an altered Bible. The Muslims believe that Jews kept their sacred texts improperly, adding, removing, and changing information, and as such Mohammed was sent to correct these mistakes and establish the true Divine Word with finality. The Jews, however, were more obsessed with their traditions than following the proper path and as such, there are differences.Historical Perspective: Judaism developed in one community and Islam, while aware of and having relations with the Jewish community, brought its own influences to the table. Each faith believed in a different method for salvation and that shaped the religious laws necessary for people to follow to arrive there.

Beginning of Islam religion, per Quran revelation to prophet Muhammad, was around 600 year after Christianity beginning. However, Islam in its universal meaning as full Submission to God started since start of mankind and in this sense Islam is the mission of all God prophets including Noah, Abraham, Moses, Jesus, and Abraham.

Simon Peter was a Jew. Judaism and Christianity did not come to be considered different religions until long after Peter was dead.

Christianity was considered an offshoot of Judaism at its beginning and in fact it was just another Jewish sect until the apostles received the mandate to "teach all nations". Rome was a great aid in the spread of Christianity due to its tolerance of foreign religions. As long as the Christians "rendered unto Caesar" they were accepted and the religion spread.

Roman Emperor Constantin passed the Edict of Toleration in 313 AD, which legalized Christianity. Not long after that Christianity was universally synchretized with the traditions of paganism and purged itself of anything resembling Judaism.

A:Judaism was never banned in the Roman Empire, and even enjoyed special privileges during the earlier, pagan era. The Christian emperors placed restrictions on Judaism and began the long persecution of the Jews, but never banned Judaism outright.Christianity was not really banned in the way that paganism came to be banned under the later Christian emperors, but there was widespread, official persecution of Christianity for a total of probably about 12 years during the three centuries of pagan rule. There were many issues, but the main reason was concern about the loyalty of Christians to their pagan rulers.

Islam, as we now it, originated iwth the birth of Aadam (AS), or as we commonly know him today, Adam. The common misconception, is that it originated with the prophet Muhammed (S.A.W), however, it was completed with the last prophet, as opposed to originating with him.

Jerusalem has played an important role in the history of three of the world's major religions, Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. Because of the religious significance of the city, it has long been a bone of contention between these religious groups. Each religious group believes that they have the best claim to it as well as a divine mandate to occupy it.

No, no. Not by a long shot. RC is older than Islam, but both are younger than Judaism. There are many pagan and poly-theistic religions that are far older than Judaism, including the ancient religions of Egypt and Greece.

Abraham Lincoln is not a religion. Prophet Abraham lived long before Abe lincoln and the prophet Abraham's family started Judaism, which is the base for Christianity.

Christianity is not the only religion that announces that a person will go to Heaven if people are in that religion. In Islam, God promised us that He will sent Muslims to Heaven so long that they are striving to serve and please Him. Islam and Christianity are different since Islam believes that God is one and Muhammad is His slave and messenger while Christianity believes in Jesus Christ as he died on the cross for their sins and that he is God. (Astaghfirullah)

In general, funerals are not a long ceremony in Judaism. A long funeral would be over half an hour.