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The Mississippian Period was from about 345 million to 325 million years ago. It is part of the Paleozoic Era.

The Mississippian and the Pennsylvanian (325 to 280 MYA) are often grouped together as the Carboniferous Period.

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Q: How long ago was the Mississippian Period?
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How long was the mississippian period?

the mississippian period was 40 million years ago, and it is an era of time that scientists use to categorise a point in the earth's geological time.

How long did the mississippian period last?

The Mississippian Period occurred between 360 and 325 million years ago. This era lasted 35 million years. This was part of the Carboniferous Period.

What is Mississippian period?

The Mississippian time period lasted from 360 to 325 million years ago, a time span of 35 million years.

What are the Mississippian time period?

The Mississippian is a portion of the Carboniferous geologic time period. It dates to between 359-318 million years ago.

How long ago was the Pennsylvanian Period?

The Pennsylvanian Period was from about 325 million to 280 million years ago. It is part of the Paleozoic Era. The Pennsylvanian and the Mississippian (345 to 325 MYA) are often grouped together as the Carboniferous Period.

Which period was 300 million years ago?

300 million years ago was near the end of the Carboniferous period. The later half of this period is sometimes called the Mississippian.

Mississippian period produced the barnett shale?

The Mississippian period produced Barnett shale approximately 354 million years ago. This geological formation is located in the Bend Arch Basin in Texas and runs completely under the city of Fort Worth.

The barnett shale was deposited 330 million years ago in a deep ocean basin during what geologic time period?


Important organisms of this period were crinoids and foraminifera?

Mississippian Period

What were the dominant organisms living during the Mississippian Period?

The dominant organism that lived in the Mississippian period were giant insects and reptiles and killer bees

What happened 544-245 million years ago?

The Paleozoic Era began. Development of fish amphibians, insects and reptiles. Cambrian Period Ordovician period Silurian Period. Devonian Period Mississippian Period Pennsylvanian Period Permian Period

When did the mississippian period begin?

At the end of the Wood land period begin

How warm was the mississippian period?

Mississippian was a period of tropical climate overall, with warm temperatures, abundant plant life, and the highest oxygen levels in Earth's history.

Is the mississippian period in paleozoic era?

Yes. The Mississippian period is a part of the Paleozoic era, along with the Cambrian, Ordovician, Silurian, Devonian, Pennsylvanian, and Permian periods.

What animals lived during the mississippian period?


What is the nickname for the Mississippian time period?

The Age of Crinoids

Where is the type location for the Mississippian Period?

The United States

What separates the Mississippian period from the Pennsylvanian period?

The Carboniferous Period has been divided into the Lower Carboniferous (Mississippian) and the Upper Carboniferous (Pennsylvanian) based on the differing stratigraphy found on different continents. The Mississippian has a stratigraphy that was mostly limestone, and most coal-bearing deposits (not all) were found in the Pennsylvanian.

How long ago was the mesozoic period?

The Mesozoic Period stretched from 248 million years ago to 65 million years ago.

What was the atmosphere like during the Mississippian Period?

Buildup of carbon deposits led to surplus oxygen in the atmosphere. Oxygen built up in the Mississippian period and by the end of the carboniferous period, 35% of the atmosphere was oxygen. -nb

How long ago was the Jurasic Period?

145 million years ago.

How long ago was the ancient Greece period?

about 1952 years ago

How long ago was the Jurassic period in numbers?

The Jurassic Period is defined as the period of time between 200 million years ago to 145 million years ago.

Mississippian time period?

8oo AD to 1600 AD

What were the major geologic events of the mississippian time period?