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Actually, you have 10 days after your missed shot before the injected medicine wear off. I was on Depo-Provera for a year and a half. I missed my shot that was scheduled on May 5....I called my doctor and she said that I have to schedule another appointment before the 15. As long as I did that then I shouldn't get pregnant, but during that time, to be on the save side I should use some form of Birth Control til my appointment time. I'm not a doctor so if I were you I would just call my doctor to make sure that you can reschedule another appointment.

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โˆ™ 2009-12-04 18:09:57
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Q: How long am i pretected for if ive missed your depo?
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If you were on the depo shot for a short amount of time will you get pregnant sooner than if you were on it a long time?

ive read that no it doesnt matter how long you are on the depo it just depends on your body..some women get pregnant right away and some take a year or longer..good luck

How long after taking the Depo-Provera shot will you be able to lose weight?

Well im no doctor, but i weighed 90lbs when i started depo, i was 114lbs within a year. i have been off depo for 5 months and ive lost 10 lbs. but everyone is different. it has alot to do with staying busy and will power to just push away from the table, cutting your servings of food in half.

Ive missed three days of your pill and now you have dark spotting?

see your doctor

Ive missed my period but im a virgin help?

Noe I've heard it all, LOL!

Ive been on the Depo-Provera for a year and a half and im having a week long period why?

Irregular bleeding on Depo Provera is not unusual, although typically it settles down by the time a year and a half go by. Your bleeding may be a side effect, but if you are at risk of infection or have other symptoms, see your health care provider.

How did wiki know your girlfriend was on depo?

because ive slept with ur girl friend, shes hot. hook me up with one of her friends

Ive been on the pill just finished the green but missed three of the new pack can you get pregnant?


Hi im 20 ive got pregnancy symptoms ive missed a period and ive done a pregnancy test it came back negative but you feel pregnant what do you do?

You should see a doctor and make sure that you find out if you are pregnant.

I haven't been on the depo long not even a year my bf wants me to stop taking it so we can have a baby how long would it take for me to get preg even if ive only had 3 shots?

I got ONE depo shot in Jan 09...still havent gotten pregnant and its Nov 09. Got my period 3 months after the shot, but no signs of ovulation....all ovulation tests are negative, every month. Im very frustrated and Im tired of wondering if "maybe this month"...I wouldn't recommend depo to anybody....

How long can you ive?

will you can live to 110

Ive been on the depo shot for 4 and a helf years and my shot was due July 11 2008 and i missed it and it is August 5 2008 how long will it take me before i can get pregneant..?

Technically you could get pregnant immeadiately, however most people say its about another 3 months of so before the hormone truly wears off. Healthy couples (who are trying to conceive) typically conceive within 12 months after stopping birth control.

Ive been on birth control rarely missed a pill but now im a month or 2 late on my period and ive started having symptoms indegetsion sleepy but test are neg or faded pregnant can you still be pregnant?

No. And the "faded" pregnant comment suggests that you are looking at the test long after the time it's supposed to be read. The birth control pill can cause a missed period. If this side effect is troublesome to you, contact your health care provider for a change in prescription.

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