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Q: How long are LSAT scores valid?
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How long does it take to get LSAT scores after taking the test?

It takes about three weeks. For example, scores for the LSAT administered on June 7, 2010 were released on June 28, 2010.

What is Barack Obama's LSAT score?

LSAT scores are not a matter of public record.

How long are GRE test scores valid? Your GRE scores are valid for 5 years. Q: How long are TOEFL/GRE scores valid? A: TOEFL scores are valid for three years and GRE scores for five years.

How long are GMAT scores valid?

They are valid for 5 years.

How long are SAT scores valid?

5 years

How long are bar exam scores valid?

20 years

What is an example of a valid test?

LSAT, MCAT, so on

How long are SAT scores valid for university admissions?

5 yrs

How long are SAT subject test scores valid?

5 years

How long is the NBDE part 1 scores valid?

5 years

Does law school admission depend mostly on your LSAT score?

Both the scores of the LSAT and your academic record go into an acceptance to a law school. The decision on how much the LSAT applies to acceptance depends on the school.

Can you apply to law school prior to taking LSAT?

Yes, you can apply before taking the LSAT. You will still have to take the test and submit the scores before your application will be considered complete and looked at.

When do you normally do LSAT testing?

LSAT scores are good for five years. You should take the test whenever you feel you will be most prepared. It is best to take it the June before you begin applying.

Take LSAT Practice Exams For The Best Results?

Anyone who is interested in attending law school to pursue a Juris Doctor will have to sit for the LSAT. The LSAT is a prerequisite and a college or graduate degree are prerequisites.Students Who Take The LSAT Test Can Apply to Any Law SchoolWhen applying to law schools, applicants will need to send their LSAT scores to all of the law schools they are applying to. Students must send transcripts from the college or university where they attained their degree or degrees, along with a personal statement and their LSAT grade. Although students' LSAT grades are required, schools evaluate students' as a whole when determining whether to admit a student into their school.To Pass The LSAT Students Should Take Many LSAT Practice ExamsStudents who take LSAT practice exams usually do very well on the LSAT exam. Although the questions are always different, taking the time to complete LSAT practice exams helps students learn and perfect all of the various test taking methods. When taking the LSAT, students have a very short time to read and answer questions correctly. By taking LSAT practice exams, students can perfect all of their test taking methods.Students With Any Type of Degree Can Sit For the LSATNo matter what type of undergraduate or graduate degree a student has, anyone can take the LSAT exam. This exam is open to students with different educational backgrounds. Even students with engineering degrees, can sit for the LSAT anytime they want. Whether a student has a background in pre-law or not, it is important that students take as many LSAT practice exams under exam conditions before taking the LSAT.Students Can Retake the LSATStudents who do not perform well on the LSAT can retake the LSAT if they like. However, students who retake the LSAT must disclose that information to law schools they are interested in applying to. Students with low scores will need to disclose those low scores to law schools even if they do better on the LSAT in the future. This is because LSAT administrators always send a full transcript of LSAT scores to law schools.Anyone who is planning on applying to law school must take and pass the LSAT. Students who do not take and pass the LSAT will not be admitted to an accredited law school.

How long are Florida bar exam scores valid?

You must apply to the bar within 90 days

How long are GATE test scores valid?

Again from this year GATE paper is valid for 2 year. Try the link below for more details.

What was Barack Obama's LSAT law school aptitude test score?

No one in the media knows what Barack Obama's LSAT scores are. On-line magazine investigate the LSAT scores of the presidential candidates who had attended law school (Obama, Edwards, Giuliani, Clinton, Romney, and Thomspon) and could not get a straight answer from any of them. See this article:

What are the college entrance requirements for law school?

These will vary from school to school. Generally they will look at your undergrad GPA, your LSAT scores, and other fuzzies like extracurricular activities or if you would contribute to the diversity of the class in some way. The more exclusive schools want LSAT scores over 165, but again this is not the only factor.

What score is needed to pass the LSAt?

Depends on the school. Research which law schools you want to go to and what average scores they take.

What are four of the factors that law schools will review in deciding wheather to accept to their law school?

The two biggest factors are GPA and LSAT scores. If you are not up to a schools standards they will use other factors but 95% of the decision is all LSAT and GPA.

What sat scores do lawyers have to get?

The SAT is for getting into college or university. To get into law school you take the LSAT. The requirement vary according to the school.

What is minimum LSAT score for duke university law school?

Like most law schools, there is no cut-off score. They look at the application as a whole. Theres always someone with low LSAT scores with another outstanding factor that creates a balance.

How long is sat subject test score valid?

The SAT Subject Test score is valid forever. CollegeBoard keeps a record of your test scores. After a year though, you will have to pay an additional fee to retrieve it from the archive.

How soon before applying to law school should you take the LSAT?

Most people take the LSAT in October of the year before they plan to begin law school (when they plan to start in the fall), but some schools will accept scores from later tests as well.

How long are toefl scores valid?

The scores are valid undefinitely, it just depends of who will receive those(some people accepts the copies of your results, others ask for WTS to send those.)In the link: will report your scores until 2 years after test day, and most of the institutions will only take as valid those sent directly from ETS.