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Guppies have a gestation period of about 28 days but have been known to take as long as 31 days

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How can you get your female guppy fish pregnant?

All that is needed is a male guppy in with her.

Why pregnant guppy chased?

Sometimes the pregnant guppy is chased because it looks weak and bigger fish would try and chase it and eat it.

How long is a female guppy pregnant?

About a month.

How long is a guppy fish pregnant for?

While the gestation period is often about 28 days, it can range from 21 to roughly 40

How do you know if a guppy fish is pregnant?

it will have a red dot and black on its belly and will be fat

How long is A GUPPY FISH?

2 Inches at max

Your pregnant guppy has a swollen bubble on her side?

It likely has a disease. There is a chance that the fish is just pregnant, but it isn't as likely.

What is the difference between guppy fry and guppy fish?

Guppy fry are the newborn babies and guppy fish are not babies

How do you tell if a guppy fish is pregnant?

to tell if a guppy is pregnant , look under her stomach . There will be a black dot . This is called a gravid spot . A gravid spot could also be yellow or orange . The guppy will be bigger every day and in 28-31 days , she will have guppy fry (babies)

What if your pregnant guppy fish is vertical help?

It is either in labor or is dying from an internal issue.

How do you get guppy pregnant?

If there is a female guppy and a male guppy in a tank you can almost guarantee the female will be gravid ( pregnant ).

What is an example sentence with the word guppy?

He had a guppy in his fish bowl.Another name for guppy is rainbow fish.The kitten put her paw in the fish bowl to catch the guppy.

Is a guppy a reptile?

No, a guppy isn't a reptile. A guppy is a fish.

How do you know if your guppy fish is pregnant?

If you look right above the butt. If that little area is black and the stomach is bloated. She will have the eggs in there 1st then if fertilized then she will be pregnant. Then I can't remember how long befor birth

Do guppy fish have to have a filter in their tank?

do guppy fish have to have a filter in the tank

What does it mean when your fish is by the filter?

If it's a guppy and if it's pregnant, it might have it's babies soon.

While guppy pregnant when put in breed tank?

When your female guppy is pregnant you can't tell by it's size. You have to look at it's gravid spot. Which is right behind their stomach and the tail. It's right around the butt of the guppy. It takes about a month for the babies to be born. Plus you can not stress out your the pregnant fish.

How can you tell if guppy fish is pregnant?

The female guppy will develop a dark spot on the side of her belly during pregnancy. As the pregnancy progresses, the spot will grow darker.

Is the guppy a fresh water or saltwater fish?

The guppy is a fresh water fish.

What is the outer covering of the guppy?

A guppy is a tropical fish, and is covered by fish scales.

How do you tell the difference between a fat female guppy fish and a pregnant guppy fish?

The Gravid female will have the dark "gravid spot" in front of her vent. I can however assure you that if there has been a male in the same tank with a female guppy for any reasonable length of time she will be gravid.

What Did RJL Guppy Invent?

Robert John Lechmere Guppy did not invent anything. He is most known for having discovered the guppy fish. The guppy fish is named after him.

How long does it take for a female guppy to get pregnant?

Most of the time, they're already pregnant. They can use the sperm over and over again. So your guppy could get pregnant 3 times one after another with no male guppy in the tank. Guestimation is 28 til' she gives birth.

What outer covering does a guppy have?

A Guppy is a tropical fish, and has an outer covering of fish-scales.

How can you identify a female guppy fish from a male guppy fish?

Female guppies are larger and plainer. The male is distinctive for his long, flowing, colourful tail and generally brilliant colours.