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Q: How long are monarchs catterpillars for?
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What is a group of catterpillars called?

a group of catterpillars are called ARMY. or in other words an army of catterpillars

What do catterpillars sleep on?

Catterpillars can sleep on grass ,leaves ,or in trees. :)

How long do monarchs live?

Monarchs are just people. They live as long as anyone else.

Where do catterpillars live?

on leaves

Are catterpillars herbavors?


What is catterpilar?

catterpillars are insects

How big are newborn catterpillars?


What catterpillars are dangerous?

The giant ones with fangs

How long do Monarchs migrate?

6 weeks

How many times does a monarch caterpillar molt?

From my experience they never molt as catterpillars. I've raised quite a few, but never from the egg, but I don't think most catterpillars molt.

Where do you find catterpillars eggs?

usually on the underside of leaves

How do you know the catterpillars gender?

pears are wierd like me

When is chrysalis formed?

It is formed after catterpillars eat alot

Do foxes eat catterpillars?


How are monarchs able to make the long trip?

they migrate

Governors assigned to carry out the pharaohs commands?


Can snails eat catterpillars?

Some snails are capable of eating other animals but very few are. Some catterpillars are venomous and can kill their enemy. So I'm sure that they can but are warned but their distinctive colors.

Who granted the monarchs their power?

For quite a long while, European monarchs received approval from the Pope, and technically couldn't claim legitimacy without it.

What eats catterpillars?

a woodpecker lol=D nd i am series

Are catterpillars useful insects?

no the will kill all your plants by eating them.

Why is the monarch butterfly endangerd?

there was a war between the butterflies and the catterpillars

Why did the the spanish monarchs at first refuse Columbus request?

Spanish Monarchs were having the Reconquista. Which was the centuries-long struggle to make the Moors leave Spain.

What do hedghogs eat?

worms slugs beetles catterpillars

How ugly are catterpillers?

catterpillars are as ugly as ugly butterflys with five legs

What do hedghoges eat?

worms slugs beetles catterpillars