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the jb concert i went to started at 7 and i didnt get out til 11 so 4hours

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When are the Jonas Brothers secret concerts?

The Jonas Brothers don't tell where or when their secret concerts are. That's why they are called Secret.

Eet the Jonas Brothers how?

if this question is how do you meet the Jonas brothers then the answer is... Go to their concerts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

How can you get ahold of the Jonas Brothers?

Win a Jonas Brothers contest Get their attention at their concerts

Will the Jonas brothers do shows in Ireland?

The Jonas Brothers are no longer doing concerts.

How do the Jonas brothers do there shecule?

For me and my brothers, it is just Concerts Concerts Concerts! Says Joe. But we never really had a sceduile.

Where in Madrid is the Jonas Brothers' concert?

At the moment no concerts are planned for Madrid. To have information on Jonas Brothers concerts go to

How do you get Jonas brothers autograhp?

Going to their concerts!

How long is the Jonas Brothers world tour concert?

The Jonas Brothers world tour concert is about 4 hours long, the concerts usually start at 7:00pm and end at 11:00pm.

Where will be the concert of Jonas Brothers in 2010?

Currently there are no Jonas Brothers concerts planned for 2010. For Jonas tour dates go to

Don't the Jonas Brothers have a concert tommorw?

they always have concerts

Are the Jonas Brothers planning to perform in Japan or in the Philippines?

At this moment, the Jonas Brothers don't have any concerts scheduled there. The only place they've had concerts that was out of the U.S. was their tour in Great Britain.

Where is the Jonas Brothers next concert?

go to and search Jonas brothers tickets. it has the listings of all the concerts coming up.

How can you meat the Jonas Brothers?

You have to either buy a backstage pass to one of there concerts, or win a contest saying you get to meet the Jonas Brothers.

How many VIP tickets were released for the Jonas Brothers concerts?


Where in the world are the Jonas brothers?

Performing concerts all over the world.

What are concerts like?

CONCERTS ARE FUN.i HAVE BEEN TO ALOT OF CONCERTS IN MY LIFE. Hannah Montanna, The Beach Boys, Jonas Brothers and The Gothic Artchies.

How can you meet Nick Jonas?

after some concerts the Jonas brothers have Meet and Greets where you can talk to the whole band

How long does Jordan Sparks perform at Jonas Brothers concerts?

I went to a Jonas Brothers concert last night ( it was the best night of my life !) and Jordan Sparks performs a few songs and then the Jonas Brothers come on and after about 1 hour she comes back on and performs one song then leaves

When is the next Jonas Brothers concert in Europe?

At this time no Jonas Brothers concerts are planned for Europe. However to know when one is or for other Jonas information you can visit

What is the Jonas Brothers favorite place to be?

they love doing concerts in NJ their homestate

When are the Jonas brothers going to be in fl?

Early September for like 3 concerts

Does the Jonas brothers do concerts in England?

They should be. They are supposed to do a world tour soon.

When are tickets available for the Jonas brothers concerts?

They will be on sale by March 29th everywhere.

What type of underwear do the Jonas brothers wear?

The Jonas Brothers have been spotted wearing standard white briefs. This allows the brothers to wear tighter pants during concerts.

Does the Jonas Brothers lipsink?

The Jonas Brother do not lipsink. They perform live at their concerts. Sometimes they even forget some of the words. The Jonas Brothers would not lie like that to their fans in that way.