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The small intestines are on average 3 - 7 meters in an adult. The Large intestines are on average 1.5 meters in an adult.
Between the large and small intestines, there are about 25 feet of intestines in your body. The intestines are responsible for moving food and water through the body.
the intestinal tract is 5 metres long in a living adult , or up to 9 metres without the effect of mustle tone in a dead adult
Grayish-purple in color and about 35 mm (1.5 inches) in diameter, the small intestine is the first and longer, measuring 6 to 7 meters(20-23 ft) long average in an adult man. Shorter and relatively stockier, the large intestine is a dark reddish color, measuring roughly 1.5 meters (5 ft) long on average.


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Well, the small intestines are shorter than the long intestines and the long intestines are larger than the small intestines.

Well your intestines are long but it's cioled and folded up inside you.

The intestines are a long, continuous tube running from the stomach to the anus.

You cannot make the intestines long, or any longer than what you have inside you. As it is, the small intestines are about 20 FEET long and one INCH in diameter! The large intestines are about 5 FEET long and about one INCH in diameter. With 25 feet (about 7.5 METERS) of intestines coiled inside you, why in the world would you want to make the intestines any longer!

A penguins intestine can vary depending on their diet, but most penguins intestines are about 4 meters long!

The sperm whale has the longest intestines (984 feet long).

1.5 metres long, or about 4.9 feet.

A Bull elephant's intestines can reach up to 19 meters (approximately 60 feet)

Human intestines are the length they are to be able to digest everything that humans eat. Meat takes longer to digest than other food, so the intestines need to be long enough to digest meat.

The small intestines aren't a mile long, but they want you to get the picture that they are way way way longer than you might think they are.

The small intestines are 7m long. Large Intestines are 1.5m long. 7/1.5= How much longer.

6,573,996 small intestines. The equator is 24,901.5 miles long, and the average human intestine is 20 feet long.

the ileum is the largest portion of the small intestines it is about ten to twelve feet long:)

Human intestines are not long enough to stretch an entire mile. If stretched out, a human's intestines (both small and large) will reach out to about 25 feet. The large intestines are about 5 feet and the small is about 20 feet long.

That would be the long and short intestines.

Diameter: 5cm Length: 1.5m

i think the small intestiine is about 3.5

the should know that.

Villi are vital to the absorption of food. The small intestines are already very long, but if they did not have villi to help absorb food, the intestines would be even longer.

Yes! Much longer! Your intestines can be anywhere from 7.5 to 8.5 metres long (24-28 feet).

it can stretch around the apramitly 5 1/2 times. your intestines are very long.

an ostrich's long intestine is 27m an ostrich's short intestine is 20m

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