How long are your intestines?

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The small intestines are on average 3 - 7 meters in an adult. The Large intestines are on average 1.5 meters in an adult.
Between the large and small intestines, there are about 25 feet of intestines in your body. The intestines are responsible for moving food and water through the body.
the intestinal tract is 5 metres long in a living adult , or up to 9 metres without the effect of mustle tone in a dead adult
Grayish-purple in color and about 35 mm (1.5 inches) in diameter, the small intestine is the first and longer, measuring 6 to 7 meters(20-23 ft) long average in an adult man. Shorter and relatively stockier, the large intestine is a dark reddish color, measuring roughly 1.5 meters (5 ft) long on average.

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Q: How long are your intestines?
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