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at least an hour if not more but dont eat greasy foods before the game. eat like a salad or something that gives u energy but not anything big. and the night before a game try to eat noodles. they give u energy for the game

ideally two hours before a game, eating pasta and potatoes will boost your carbohydrate levels to give you more energy.

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Q: How long before a soccer game should a player eat?
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Should a soccer player train the day before a game?

Yes they should be trained before a game

What should your grades be to be a soccer player?

Soccer is not some stupid clerical job. It is a highly dynamic game and sport! One doesnt need grades, but talent and ability to be a soccer player.

What does a soccer player do?

plays soccer. learns the game.

Should you go swimming before soccer game?

No because swimming exerts a lot of energy. You will get a cramp mid way through the game and be very uncomfortable. Just lay low and relax before your soccer game.

Who is a soccer player?

A soccer player is one who plays the game of soccer. there are nearly 265 million soccer players in the world.

What a soccer player is apt to experience an increase in during a game?

During a game, a soccer player is apt to experience an increase in

How many touches does an average soccer player get in one game?

There are 598 touches in a soccer game.

If a player is kicked out of a soccer game what color card does he receive?

A send off should be signaled by showing a red card to the player.

What baseball player should have before game?

Try gatorade.

What is a professional soccer player?

Quite simply, a professional soccer player is someone who is paid to play the game.

Is candy good before a soccer game?


What should every baseball player have before the game?

they should have a bottle of water or juice

When and what should you eat before a soccer game?

Any kind of Pasta that has no sauce, cheese, or any other condimants.

How many substitute player in a soccer game?


How far does a professional soccer player run per game?

A professional soccer player ( midfielder ) runs about 6 miles per game. We run probably 3 miles per game.

Who was the heaviest soccer player?

Soccer players are usually in extremely good shape because of the physical demands of their game. As of 2014, the heaviest soccer player is unknown.

Eat before a soccer game?

Eat health

Is it safe to shower before a soccer game?

Yes its 100 percent safe to take a shower before a soccer game. I Do It When Ever I need and Play with refreshing happiness :-)

What foods should be eaten 2 hours before a soccer game?

Spaghetti, water, or gaterade. something with a lot of electrolytes

What should you eat after a soccer game?


What is name of a player who replaces another player during the game of soccer?


Can a player return to soccer game?

No. Once a player is substituted for, they may not reenter.

What do you do if in soccer somebody gets agresive?

It depends on the type of aggression. If the player is putting other players at risk of injury then the referee should give the aggressive player a warning or a red card. Soccer is an aggressive game, if the player isn't breaking any rules then you should also be more aggressive.

Can a player keep a soccer ball after a professional soccer game?

Only if he scores a hat trick.

How much do soccer players get paid per game?

The salary of a soccer player can depend upon their skill just like in other sports. The average amount that a soccer player makes per game is about $30,000 to $60,000.