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Puppies have to be atleast 1 month old before they leave their mother.

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Q: How long before puppies can leave their mother?
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How long will puppies be old enough to leave their mother?

8 months

Is it smart to let the dog mother leave the puppies?

t's not recommended but as long as someone is watching the puppies and its only for like 4 mins.

How long does the puppies nurse on the mother?

About 4 weeks.Then the puppies get teeth that hurts the mother.

How long do have to wait before you can bath puppies?

How long do you have to wait before you can bath puppies?

How long should puppies be with their mother?

Puppies should stay with their mothers about six weeks.

How long do people need to keep newborn dockson puppies?

If the puppies are with the mother then you should keep them with her until 8 weeks of age. The mother will instinctively wean the puppies on her own, but you may need to help her by removing her from the puppies. The puppies can technically be taken away after 6 weeks, but the longer the puppies are with the mother the better because they will learn from their mother.

How long after birth can puppies leave their mother?

8 weeks at the least hope it helped xx

How long are puppies normally with their mother?

8 weeks.

How long before a shitzu pup leaves his mother?

Puppies and Kittens should all be sold at the youngest age of eight weeks.

How long do puppies stay with their mothers?

Puppies should stay with their mother for eight to ten weeks. They nurse from their mother for six weeks and need time to socialize with their mother and litter mates.

How long does a dog keep her puppies before selling them?

Dogs don't sell their puppies.

How long before a baby cockatiel can leave its mother?

some where around 6 to 8 weeks

How many days do they carry the puppies?

If you are saying how long the mother Carry's her puppies its 9 weeks or a little longer

How long will puppies have to drink milk from the mother?

6-8 weeks

How long do the puppies have to stay with the mother?

8-12 weeks at the earliest.

How long will puppies feed on mother at feedings?

5-6 weeks

How long will water break before dog delivers puppies?


How long do puppies nurse off there mother?

They should be with there mother for at least the first 8 weeks of there life :0

How long do puppies stay in their mother before birth?

The length of pregnancy is approximately 58-63 days. And referring to the Other answer, it is called a Womb not a wound. they stay in the wound for about three months have fun with your puppies toodles

How long do baby bears stay with there mom?

In most bears, cubs leave their mother before age two.Yes and No. They stay with there mom until they are at least 2 years old thats when they leave.

How long before puppies can hear?

One or two weeks.

How long before puppies can be removed from mom?

6 months

How long before newborn puppies walk?


How long does it take before puppies suckle?

3 days

How long before puppies can see?

!0-20 days

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