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How long to baby rabbits separate from mother?

six weeks

How long before you can separate baby canaries from their mother?

2 weeks after they fledged or first flight approx 6-8weeks old

Does the momma horse wean their baby or do you separate them?

At 4 or 6 months you need to separate the baby the mother will need to dry up and no the momma will not wean the baby it will let it keep suckling and as long as its suckling the mother will still produce milk

How long do you wait before you separate the baby rabbits from their mom?

13 weeks or so!

How long do baby hamsters feed on their mother?

Baby hamsters feed from their mother until they are 26 days old. It is recommended to separate the male and female hamsters afterwards to prevent fighting.

How long does a baby hamster have to stay with its mother before it can be held?

2 weeks

How long before a momma bunny leaves the baby?

about a week or to it depends how long the mother wants the babies with her.

How long does the baby mandrill stay with its mother?

how long do baby mandrills stay with their mother

How long does a mother rabbit carry its baby before it's born?

31 days

How long does a baby elk stay with its mother?

A calf will stay with its mother for about 10 months before it is weaned and becomes independent.

How long does the mother stay away from her baby bunnies?

how long can baby bunnies stay away from their mother?

How long before a baby cockatiel can leave its mother?

some where around 6 to 8 weeks

How long before you can handle the baby hamster so the mother wont eat him?

i think the 3rd week

How long is the baby gorilla with its mother?

A baby gorilla is with its mother for 7 to 8 years

For how long does the mother dolphin suckle its baby?

the mother suckles her baby or babies for 64 years.

How long do the baby chimps stay with their mother?

the baby chimps stays 8 months with their mother

How long does a baby mongoose stay with its mother?

still a baby

How long does a mother sheep carry its baby before giving birth?

On average a ewe is pregnant for five months.

How long does it take before a human can touch a baby hamster?

you cannot touch the babies until 2 weeks after birth. also at 2 weeks you will have to separate the babies from the mother. or the mother will reject them and eat them. if one of the babies fall out of the cage get clean clothe wrap it around your hand completely and pick the baby up and put it back into the nest.

How long does a baby monkey stay with its mother?

A baby monkey stays with their mother until they are 3 to 4 years old. A mother carries her baby everywhere with her until the baby is four.

How long does a baby caribou stay with its mother after it is born?

How long is a baby Caribou in its mom's belly.

How do parents take care of baby anaconas and do they?

The mother is long gone before the eggs hatch. After all, she is cold-blooded!

How long dose an elephant baby take to develop before it is born?

Generally around 22 months after the mother has mated.

How long is it before the mother gerbil can be separated from her litter?

For healthier, more social gerbils, the best time to separate them is 6 weeks or more.

How long do you have to wait before taking baby mice away from their mother before they start reproducing with each other?

At six weeks of age is the earliest you can separate babies from their mother successfully. However, if at all possible I would suggest waiting at least 8-12 weeks especially, if you are not clear on the actual age of the babies... Actually, mice can reproduce at 4 weeks of age, so it's best to separate them at 3-4 weeks of age. If you have any doubts, if your baby mice are trying to eat solid foods, you should be able to separate them in a day or two.