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In a short enough time that the dye won't grow or wash out before the holiday is over.

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Should you bleach your hair before dying it caramel?

You must bleach your hair before dying it with caramel, or else it will not show the color.

Should you bleach your hair before you dye it pink?

If you want to.

Do you bleach your hair before you dye your hair with koolaid?

If you bleach your hair before the color will show up better. Especially if you have darker hair to begin with.

Should deep condition my hair before or after I bleach it?

Yes because it is more healthier

Do you have to bleach your hair before dying it pink with lighter brown hair?

If you don't bleach your hair the pink wont be as bright, if you bleach it the pink will be brighter:)

Should you bleach your hair before dying it?

You used to have to, but now hair color is made to do both steps at the same time.

How do you bleach your hair?

This link should get you started if you're seriously interested in lightening your hair. ;)

If you have a regular hair dye and you need bleach would you have to mix the bleach with it?

You have to bleach your hair before you dye it, because the bleach lightens your hair. You can't put dye on your hair until it's light, and you cannot mix the two together.

Can you bleach or dye box braids?

First it should be 100% human hair. Second its best to just dye it before putting it on your hair.

Will bleach hurt you if you put it in your hair?

It will not hurt as long as it is on the hair. You should not touch the scalp or your hands with it as it will burn and you should never use household bleach because your hair will dissolve in it.

What effect does bleach have on the hair structure?

It gives you're hair a more bleach blonde color depending on what the color was before but it aslo damages your hair very badly. Bleaching your hair is one of the worst things you could do to your hair, in some cases, bleach makes your hair fall out pretty quickly and it makes your hair very dry. Also, when bleaching your hair, it makes your head very itchy and that bleach has to stay on your head for at least an hour. so if your planning to bleach your hair, I would advise that you think about it before you do.

Do you need to bleach your hair before you dye it pink?

You should if you have dark hair or else it won't work at all but make sure you don't like ... over bleach it or else your hair will fall out i would get a professional 2 do it 4 u tho

Is the bleach that comes along with Splat hair dye good?

The bleach that comes with Splat hair dye is not the best. I have dyed my hair red with the bleach it came with, and the bleach first comes out a gold orange color. I feel that it doesn't do the job the best it could. You would get best results using either a non-pre bleach hair dye, or bleach with professional bleach dye before you dye your hair.

How long should you wait before straightening your hair after dying it?

I am speaking from very recent experience that after you bleach or dye your hair (i did both),you can! you should first put anti heat therapy gel or spray on before hand but you should blow dry then straighten. your dyed hair should have no frizz or puffs!

Tonight I'm bleaching my hair but I want to go swimming Even if I rinse out the chlorine before I bleach it will it turn my hair green?

Chlorine does not turn hair green. Copper in the pool water is the culprit. If you wash your hair before you bleach it, it should not turn green from an earlier swim. If you are concerned about copper in your hair, rinse your hair with white vinegar. That will break down the copper and remove it.

How long do i have to wait after dyeing your hair to bleach it?

Usually, any time after. But you should check the dye and bleach boxes just incase. If you can bleach your hair after, just make sure your hair can handle all of the chemicals.

Can you use Ajax to bleach your hair?

Ajax is a kitchen cleaner and should not be used on your hair or skin. If you wish to bleach your hair buy a product which has been made for that purpose.

Can you bleach you hair with peroxide?

Yes, youcan, but your hair will be orange looking for dark hair girls, so if you have dark hair, you should buy a toner, and it wont bleach your hair it will just lighten tem a bit.

How do you bleach your hair with Clorox bleach?

Don't do it! If you bleach your hair with Clorox, your hair will completely fall out. It's not the correct bleach to use. I suggest to get a box bleach (you can get at any drugstore). Unless you want no hair/straw hair then don't do it.

Can you dye black hair?

Yes but you should bleach it first.

Can you bleach your hair after you relax or perm it?

NO, Your hair is already being damaged by the perm or relaxer. I would wait a while before applying bleach to it. It will kill your hair and will cause hair loss, frizz and damaged hair.

What colour should i dip dye my hair if I have dark brown hair?

I think bleach blond

How long will it take for bleach to get out of hair?

varies from original hair color shade if hair was died before and different bleaching techniques

How long should you wait to bleach your hair after perming it?

13 hours

How do you make your hair blonde?

Put lemon juice in your hair then sit out in the sun for about 30 mins or bleach your hair with hair bleach not cleaning bleach <3