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How long before you have to vacate after a Sheriff's Sale in Indiana?

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It depends on who buys the property. However, you should have already made your plans to move out. If you have a lot of stuff, start earlier. When we bought a short sale house, they had three days after closing. They were busy until midnight of the last night and had to leave things behind. Plan ahead; it is not the buyer's fault that you have to move.

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How much time if any do you have to leave the property after a sheriffs sale we live in Toronto ON Canada.?

In the state of Ohio you have 30 days to vacate the property after a sheriff's sale. If you don't you can be charged with criminal trespassing.

What does motion to vacate foreclosure sale mean?

Motion to vacate sale means cancelling the order that confirms the sale of the foreclosed property. The word "vacate" means cancel in this case.

How long after your court date for foreclosure in Michigan do you have before you have to vacate your home?

6 months from the sheriff's sale date.

Is there a difference between and auction and a sheriffs sale?

An auction is voluntary. Sherriff's sale follows a seizure of property.

How long after foreclosure do you have to vacate your home in California?

Generally, if you are the owner you should be prepared before the foreclosure sale. You will be given notice of the time and date of the foreclosure sale. When the foreclosure sale takes place and the property is sold you will no longer have the right to enter the premises. You should remove your personal belongings before the sale.

How long after a trustee sale does a tenant have to vacate in california?

30 days

Will you be notified when to move after sheriffs sale?

If you cannot pay the creditor and have not made any arrangements with the creditor to remain on the property then you should be prepared to vacate the premises immediately. As soon as the sale takes place there is a new owner and the property is no longer yours. There can be problems with liability and insurance coverage from that moment on and it is not in the buyer's interest that you remain on their property, uninsured.

What can be done to avoid a sheriffs sale of your home?

Continue to make payments on your mortgage.

How long in Indiana from final foreclosure judgment to sheriff's sale?

It depends on the county. It is usually 2-3 months before the sale is set.

What is a sheriffs sale?

A sheriff's sale is a sale which is held when property is seized as the result of a judgment against someone. The property is held by the sheriff and can be sold after notice is given to the public.

How long after foreclosure sale of a home to trustee do you have to vacate premises in California?

You usually have 30 days to vacate but the trustee should tell you exactly how long you have. Each situation is different.

How long do you have to move out after a sheriffs sale?

When there is a sheriff's sale, a person typically has about 3 to 10 days to move. However, length can vary from state to state.

After your landlord puts your house up for sale how long do you have to vacate?

depends on what you agreed with the landlord, there is no set time

You live in Texas If you buy a new vehicle from an Indiana dealership do you have to pay the tax in Indiana?

You pay the Indiana sale tax (7%).

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I have found no results that suggest a sale for patio lighting. I am very sorry, but I do not believe that Northwest Indiana Menards is having a sale for patio lighting, although I hope you find what you're looking for elsewhere!

What does the term sold for costs mean at a sheriffs sale?

That means there will be other costs (legal and technical) and interest added to the original debt for which the property was siezed.

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How can you buy a property at a sheriffs sale?

A sheriff's sale is a public auction of property seized by law enforcement. Typically, a down payment of 10 percent is required at the time of the auction, with the rest due within 30 days.

Can a deputy conduct a sheriff sale?

A "Deputy" Sheriff operates under the Sheriffs constitutional authority and if among his assigned duties is the authority to conduct sales... yes.

Where on Craigslist can you find horse farms for sale in Indiana?

You should be able to type it in in the search bar or click on the state Indiana and then type your question

Car buyers remorse in Indiana?

Indiana does not have a car buyers remorse law. In this state, a sale is final immediately once all the paperwork is signed.

Can I buy and sell notes in the State of Indiana without a license?

Yes there is no license needed to buy and sale real estate notes in the state on Indiana.

In the state of Indiana if a bank reposssess the vehicle and the sale of the vehicle ends up in a surplus situation does the bank need to refund the profits of the sale to the borrower?


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