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There is no limit. If the lender is not in a hurry for the vehicle, then they may not move on it right away. On the other hand, if your behind and they belive they are able to capture back funds they may move on it right away. Don't take any chances, most will work with you to get you caught up. CALL them. You might be surprised. - Repo man in Central Ohio

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Q: How long can a bank take to reposses your car?
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If you are a cosigner on a car loan and the bank reposses how long is your credit affected?

Seven years.

When can a bank reposses someone's car?

When the "owner" stops paying for it, the bank will probably call repeatedly and may send something in the mail.

What is the procedure to reposses a car in Idaho?

We come out, at any given time, take the car, and you call your bank and ask how to get it back. I do a lot of repossessing in Idaho. We just come out. You can pay all but 5 cents of the car off, and since you have been in default, they can take the car.

Bought a car now told its on finance Am i the legal owner?

you took a loan to finace the car from the dealer- the bank holds the title to your car- you are the owner and respondsilbe to pay the loan or the bank or fiance companmy can reposses your car

Can the car lender reposses the car because of bankruptcy 7?

A creditor cannot reposses a car without BK court approval (i.e. relief from the automatyic stay). However, if you do not keep paying the car loan, a BK will allow a creditor to reposses the car.

Can they reposses your second car for the first defaulted car?


You owe 40000 dollars on a truck you let it go back to the bank can the bank take you to court?

It depends. Did the bank reposses or did you turn the car over in lew of payment(this would have been worked out with the bank)If the bank repo'ed the car, once they have sold the vehicle they could sue you for the the balance owed (subject to state laws that may govern this transaction.)

How do you reposses a car if you do not know where it is?

You search for it.

If they reposses one of your cars can they take the other?

you can only reposses a car that has out standing payments. unless you are involved in crime and have profited through illegal activities then both cars can be repossesed.however if you have only defaulted payments on one car then your other car is safe.

Can they come to your work place to reposses your car and if the car is not with you?

If you don't make your payments, the lien holder has right to take the car any time.

How many missed payments can you have in Utah before the bank can reposses your car?

Every financial institution is different. Typically 1 to 3 months.

After 15 days can a company reposses your car?

can a finance company reposses your vehicle if you made your payment on the15 day

Can you get ticket in Florida for driving a car with a invalid registration while the bank is trying to reposses it for missing a payment?

You are driving with an invalid registration. That means you can get a ticket.

How do you reposses a car belonging to you?

Put key in, start car & drive away.

Where are the places repo man goes to reposses car?

to the home of the person who can't pay for his car.

Can they come onto private property to reposses a car in minnesota?


How long do they have to finance you for a car loan before they can take it back?

If you have paid more than a third of the total HP price including charges than they have to take you to court. If you've paid less than a third they can reposses it without a court order.

Can a bank have a key made to repo your car?

They don't really need to. If a bank wants to reposses your car, they will hire a repo man to do it. Licensed repo's have master keys from the car manufacturers that can get them into most cars. Do you owe to a bank or to the dealership? The dealership has a key to your car. The bank can work with the dealership in a similar way. If you owe the bank and there either is no dealership involved or the dealership cannot provide a key, they still have options- they can tow the car, obtain a key from the manufacturer, have one made, etc. They normally already have this process taken care of before the loan is granted. Until the car is paid off, it belongs to the bank or dealership. If they are not being paid on a regular basis, they will take whatever measures legally possible to reposes their property. On a similar note, when they come out to repose the car, they have already called the local authorities. This allows them to take the car whenever and from where ever.

What can you do after your car gets reposses?

It depends on what you want to do...If you want to get your car back, contact your lender and see what they want...

How long in the state of Texas before the bank can press the charge of unauthorized use of a motor vehicle on a car that is on the repo list?

The bank holds a lien on the title of the vehicle. If you default on the payments, they can reposses it. This is a civil issue, and is handled as such. Unauthorized use of a motor vehicle is a criminal charge which doesn't apply to a civil situation.

Can the Bank repo your car after 4 years of payments?

Yes. In most cases if you fail to pay after 52 days, the bank has the right to reposses your casa. But if you have been a good costumer with on time payments and call the financial institution they can work something out.

Can they reposses the car 24 hours a day?

Yes. There is not much point in repossessing a car for only a part of the day!

Can bank repossess car after DUI?

if they believe that your unable to pay or can cause a damage to the car that will caused the vehicle to lose its value (wrecking it) even though if your up to date on payment they can have the car reposses under the conditions of DUI, going into default, strange account activity.

I am going into a bankruptcy in app 1 month the bank wants to reposses the car if I surrender the car before the bankruptcy is filed will it show up as a repo or go under the bankruptcy?

It will show up as both. If the bank auctions off the car, they may come after you for a deficiency judgment. Any chance of them coming after you would be taken care of in the bankruptcy.

When can a bank repossess someones car?

As long as the bank is listed as the lienholder on the title and as long as you owe them money and haven't paid they can repossess the car.