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How long can a betta fish stay pregnant?

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Betta's are egg layers; they don't get pregnant.

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How long does the female fish stay pregnant?

it depends on what kind of fish

How long does a fish stay pregnant?

guppies stay pregnant for about a month before giving birth, other fish take longer, and others lay eggs (don't get pregnant). depends on the fish

How long do neon fish stay pregnant?

if by "neon fish" you mean neon tetra, they dont get pregnant they lay eggs.

How long does and Oscar fish stay pregnant?

Never. Oscars are egg layers so they can not be pregnant.

Can betta fish live in a tank with a painted turtle?

Turtles eat fish so I would not advise you to put one in with a Betta if you wish the Betta to stay in one piece.

What can be in a 1 gallon fish bowl?

A betta fish is the only fish that can stay in a bowl :) hope I helped :)

How long can the water stay for in a fish tank?

I think it depends on what type of fish you have I have a Betta fish and I take about a quarter of the water out then fill the rest up with clean water once a week.

Can a betta fish go to the bottom of a tank and stay there and or how long can they stay?

Yes a Betta can go to the bottom of a tank and stay there for quite some considerable time. The length of time the fish would be capable of remaining before surfacing and taking a breath of air would vary depending on various factors including temperature of the water.

How long does a gorilla stay pregnant?

How long do gorilla stay pregnant

How long do fish stay pregnant?

up to as long as 4 months some fish only 3 months and they usually they will died after laying eggs

Why do betta fish stay at the top of their tank?

Betta fish have lungs and gills. every once and a while they will need some air. so they hang around the top for their air

Do goldfish can stay with other fish?

Yes they can but not betta fish.I (I hope this helps to all of you.)

Is yellow paint bad for betta fish to have in their tank?

I would definitely not do this. The chemicals from the paint can be extremely toxic to the fish and can possibly be fatal. If you want your betta to stay healthy, do not use paint in their tank!

What kinds of fish can you put with a betta?

You really can't put any other fish with a betta, not even its own kinds. Sure the betta is a fighting fish, but the other fish in your tank will rip the fins off of him. My dad had tat happen once to him. If you are wanting to breed bettas, the female cannot stay in the tank with the male very long. The male will stress her out so much that she will die. Sources: Petco and Petsmart Store

How long do hedgehogs stay pregnant?

They stay pregnant up to 31 days.

What fish can a betta stay with?

" They can't stay with any fish! DON'T TRY IT! Male bettas will kill the other fish and females might too so don't try it just keep your betta by itself and don't worry about them being lonely. They are solatairy fish, they don't get lonely. If you want more than one betta fish in your bowl get wo females to live with each other but don't put males together or don't pout any other fish with bettas. thanks, ~LilyLove5

How does a cat stay pregnant?

Do you mean how long they stay pregnant? if so its 9 weeks.

How long do whales stay pregnant for?

whales stay pregnant for about 10-14 months

How long can Betta go with no food?

do not do this but it can stay in the wild without food for a week

Could an Betta fish live without fins?

No. all fish need fins to swim. Or they would just stay at the bottom of the tank and die.

How long can you keep a betta fish in a bag in a car?

Well you a betta fish can stay in a bag until you buy a tank for the betta. If you put a betta in a car and it's like 105 degrees out side they can die less than 2 minutes because it's so hot and the water will become hot. If it's like winter they can die too because the waiter will go low and it's not the right temperature. Hope it help you.

How do long do a mouse be pregnant?

*how long does a mouse stay pregnant up to a month and a week

How do betta fish communicate?

Betta fish can communicate through colors and body language. A betta fish can use fins to show it is ready to breed, and can change its skin to have black or dark vertical bars to show it is ready to breed. A male can communicate to other males to stay away by flaring it's fins and fanning it's gills at it's intruder.

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