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How long can a bobcat live?

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Bobcats generally have a lifespan of about 6 to 8 years, although a few can live to be over 10.

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How long will a bobcat live in captivity?


How long does a bobcat live?

20 - 40 years

How long can a bobcat live in captivity?

Up to around 15 years.

How long does a bobcat usually live?

Bobcats can live to be 13-15 years old in the wild.

Does a lynx live in Joshua Tree National Park?

Yes, the bobcat does live there. The bobcat is a species of lynx.

Is the bobcat an amphibian?

No, the bobcat is not an amphibian. It is a mammal. It bears live young and suckles them with milk.

What biome does the bobcat live in?

the taiga

What is the adaptation for the bobcat?

they live in the wild.

In what region of Georgia does the bobcat live?


Where continent does the bobcat live?

North America

Do the bobcat and cougar live in South America?


With what plants does a bobcat live?

flowers and weeds

What continent or country does the bobcat live?

north america

How long does a baby bobcat stay with a mother?

a single baby bobcat stays in the mothers womb for 1 year

In which ecosystem does the bobcat live?

live in bushy wooden grassy fields in Nrth America

Do bobcats live in Kentucky?

Yes, the bobcat is quite common there.

What desert does a bobcat live in?

All the desert land of the U.S.

Where do bobcat live in north or south America?

North America.

How long does a baby bobcat stay with its mother?

for a year

How long does a baby bobcat stay with its mom?


How long can a bobcat go with out water?

7 days

Can a Bobcat be found in Alice Springs Australia?

In Australia, a Bobcat is another name for a type of forklift. So, yes, you can find them in Alice Springs. However, the type of animal known as a bobcat does not live in Australia at all.

Do bobcats live in Mississippi?

Yes. The bobcat is fairly common in the state.

Does a bobcat live in the forest?

Most live in forests, but bobcats are very adaptable, some even live in the desert areas.

How long is a life span of the bobcat?

1 million years

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