How long can a flamingo stand on its leg?

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How long can a walrus stay in Jamaica?

Why do flamingos sleep on one leg?

Only half of their body is asleep at a time while the other half is awake. This allows it to be on guard from predators.

Why do flamingos have long legs?

Flamingos have long legs because if a preadator bites it from underneath the water the flamingo can fly away!

How can you have long legs?

Be born to parents with long legs. to get long legs u should jump in trampolines . You will be as God made you. The only way to MAKE your legs longer is a surgical procedure that is painful and expensive and generally only undertaken by little people who have other orthopedic problems.

Why do flamingoes stand on one leg?

No one is really sure why flamingos stand on one leg. Scientist aren't even sure why flamingos stand on one leg. But one thing that has been proposed is that flamingos stand on one leg to relieve the pressure off the one side and res that side while the other side functions and controls the body. Th ( Full Answer )

How long have flamingos been on earth?

According to the Smithsonian Institution's National Zoo, fossils of flamingos most similar to modern day forms have been identified to 30 million years ago. Fossils of more primitive species have been identified to be an estimated 50 million years old. See the link below for more information.

Do flamingos sleep standing up?

no they do lay down. Answer . They don't lie down, they sleep stood on one leg, this helps blood circulate around the body due to it's very thin legs. Some other birds are the same.

Why flamingos have a long neck?

Flamingos have a long neck in order to reach food from deep watersources. Food is then filtered in the mouth with the use of theirbristle tongue.

Why do flamingos have long thin legs?

Flamingos have long thin legs so they can see over vast stretchesof land. This helps them stay alert of potential predators.Flamingos also depend on their long legs to keep their bodiesupright or to bend. This allows them to easily catch prey witheither their feet or bills.

Why do girls stand with their legs apart?

either balance purposes or to make their legs look thinner, because if your legs are spread apart, your thighs wont touch. Another explanation is that the human females are genetically built with increased pelvic area compared to men to give birth to children , which in humans have large bra ( Full Answer )

Why do flamingos stand on 1 leg?

Let's say you were outside on a very cold day and all you had on was a short sleeved t shirt. What would you do to keep your arms warm? My guess is you'd hug them as close to your body as possible so as to keep in the heat. Well, that is exactly what a flamingo does. By tucking one leg in close to ( Full Answer )

How long are there legs?

Who's Legs? You have to be more simpler. We do not know what you are talking about. Other people who see this will want you to be more simpler.

What state does the flamingo stand for?

The flamingo is often associated with the state of Florida. However, the flamingo is not the official state bird of any US state. The flamingo, like the coconut palm, is not indigenous to the United States.

How long is a flamingo pregnant?

Flamingos lay eggs. The incubation period for their eggs is approximately 28 days. See the link below for more information.

What if a horse stands on three legs?

They can do that. Without being there it is difficult to say what is going on. It may well mean it has a problem with that foot. We would need more info.

Why do owls stand on one leg?

Owls do this to either rest, or to warm up. If you notice, they tend to switch feet every once in a while-that's normal.

Why do some of your chicken meat birds have weak legs and cannot stand for long?

Chickens that are raised for meat are breed to get as large as possible in the shortest amount of time and are meant to be processed by the time they are about 6 months old. Their leg muscles are not strong enough to carry them after a while, and will eventually effect their overall health, until I ( Full Answer )

Why do women cross their legs when standing?

-to draw attention to their 'womanliness' -or to catch a person's eye -or to be in a defensive covered-up position It probably depends on what they're wearing as to the reason. A woman's crotch may dry out or let out an unpleasant odor if it's.... "open." Best to be closed and closed-o ( Full Answer )

Is He doesn't have a leg to stand on a cliche?

Yes it is a cliche. It's a metaphor, of course. The image is of something without support, an unsupportable or shaky argument as of someone trying to stand on shaky legs. At one time, it was fresh and the imagery striking. Now, we hardly think about the imagery as the phrase itself is automatically ( Full Answer )

How long could flamingos last?

Science has shown that most flamgos last a while after they die, provided that you refrigerate them immediately

What animals stand on their hind legs?

An animal standing on it's hind legs may seem hard to us but its just like standing on one foot. Some animals stand on there hind legs. This probably won't help but pandas do stand on their hind feet sometimes . Animals which stand on their hind legs include all members of the kangaroo family - ( Full Answer )

Why do flamingos stand on one feet?

1. I believe its one FOOT 2. Why do you care? 3. Because of the polarity of magnetic influence of the world pulls them to one side, thus the need not to stand on the other leg.

Do flamingo stand sleeping?

Flamingos stand while they are both awake and while they are sleeping. Flamingos sleep on one leg with their head tucked under a wing. The leg locks into position.

Why does a bike stand on one leg?

It doesn't. It stands on two wheels and a leg. Three ground contact points will - is correctly positioned - support most items.

Why ants stand on hind legs?

Some ants, such as the myrmecocystus mexicanus, will stand on theirhind legs when they feel threatened or they're being attacked. Theydo this to make themselves look taller.

Why does the hen stands one leg?

Hens do this either to rest a sore leg (which can happen due to normal chicken activities-no need to worry!) or to warm up a cold foot. If the behavior persists, check the favored leg for signs of injury or infection. However, standing on one leg is not the only indicator for injury or infection. Li ( Full Answer )

Why do gerbils stand on their hind legs?

Gerbils stand on their hind legs because they are sniffing the air looking most commonly for food. Or occasionally looking for a mate.

Can koalas stand on their hind legs?

Not without support. Koalas will stand on their hind legs if their front paws can grasp onto a support. They cannot stand freely on their hind legs.

Why do flamingos stand on one leg in the water?

Aside from being pretty in pink, one of the flamingos' most famous characteristics is standing on one leg! Nobody knows exactly why flamingos like standing on just one leg so much, but scientists have a couple of ideas. The most likely reason is that it helps the beautiful birds to stay warm and ( Full Answer )

What to do if can't stand on legs?

Put your legs on ice that sould work If this happens all of a sudden or the reason is not known, see a doctor as soon as possible.

How long does a flamingo sit on its eggs?

Greater Flamingos usually incubate their eggs for 26-30 days(average about 28 days) between laying and hatching. The otherflamingo species (there are 6 species of flamingo in the world) aresimilar. (I used to work at a zoo as a flamingo keeper/breeder).

How long can a dog stand on it's hind legs?

I'm not very sure about the exact amount of seconds, but I estimate around 6-7 seconds at the most. My dog stands on its hind legs for around 4-5 seconds when it's happy/excited.

How long do flamingo lives?

The Greater Flamingo usually lives around the age of 60, if healthy. The oldest living flamingo was 77 years old.

How do you have long legs?

Proper nutrition during adolescent growth cycles can help withgrowth. Children that have been raised with nutritious diets canpotentially grow more than a child that was not. However, most ofit comes down to genetics. Your body has been given a code, and itwill follow it. If genetics say you will gr ( Full Answer )