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30 seconds or more

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Q: How long can a girl jump rope?
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When did jump rope start?

jump roping started Long ago in Egypt

If a jump rope is 7 feet long. What is the length in inches, of the jump rope?

Depends on the lenght. Jump ropes can be long or short.

How long is the Valeo Speed Jump Rope?

The Valeo Speed Jump Rope is 10 feet long, but may be adjusted for length.

How much does a jump rope weigh in grams?

Every jump rope has a different mass depending upon how long it is and what material it's made of. There's no set mass for a jump rope.

What is the best jump rope video?

While the best jump rope video is different for each person, video upload websites such as Youtube have many different popular jump rope videos. One video called "Jump Rope Girl" has almost 3 million views.

How long is too long to jump rope?

110 or more

How do you get in the ship after you save the girl on poptropica?

jump on the life saver grab on the rope and jump in the opening.

Why does it take more time to complete a full circlehen swinging a long jump rope than a short jump rope?


Who is the girl jumping rope in the new nike commercial?

Jamie Lin Cumbo "The Jump Rope Queen"

What is the significance of Dali's 'Girl with Hoop'?

The Girl with a hoop is actually a jump rope; it's Alice from Alice in Wonderland!

How long before you can jump rope after a broken ankle?

When it's healed...

Does having a longer jump rope affect the way you jump?

Yes. It is always more suitable to find a jump rope that is reasonably sized for you, but there are a range of preferences for jump rope length. If it is too long, you can always hold the ends further down or wrap the ends around your wrists.