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People with kidney failure may survive days to weeks without dialysis, depending on the amount of kidney function they have, how severe their symptoms are, and their overall medical condition.

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Kidney failure is when your kidney stops working and metabolic wastes accumulate in your body. These wastes are toxic and you therefore need dialysis or a kidney donor. A person can live with only one kidney.

No one can say for sure how long a person will live with a certain condition, and a doctor is the best person to ask.

it depends on what stage of falure they are in and if both kidneys have failed. with total failure and dialisis 3-4 times a week they can live for clsoe to 10 years

The body cannot live without something that does the function of the kidneys. So a person in end stage renal failure, would need dialysis or a kidney transplant.

Diabetic kidney disease is when the kidneys essentially begin to go into organ failure. Diabetic kidney disease is aggressive and once the patient is to the point of seeking dialysis, the person infected with the disease is projected to live 5-6 years with diabetic kidney disease.

Kidney impairment indicates a problem, but kidney failure refers to the inability of a kidney to do it's job. You can live with one kidney or impaired kidney function, but if the kidneys fail to function, this is incompatible with life if not corrected.

an a person live normally with only one kidney

Third-stage kidney failure is generally not fatal. Over time, it tends to deteriorate. Diabetes, high blood pressure, alcohol, and poor diet can rapidly destroy already weak kidneys. To the maximum possible extent, these factors have to be managed. Eventually, if damage continues, dialysis will be required and can be continued for many years.

Bottom line: You need at least one funtioning kidney to live. Bite the bullet and undergo the dialysis. It's a terrible procedure to have to endure, but it can and will save your life.

It is possible to live a whole lifetime with just one kidney.

Surgeons don't remove half of a kidney, so you must mean can someone live with a half-functioning kidney. Yes, a person can live with one kidney only functioning at half capacity. The other kidney picks up the workload. However, if the other kidney begins failing, the person will need dialysis to live.

People who have kidney failure, which is when 90% or more of the kidneys do not work, must be on dialysis. When kidneys fail the body cant cleanse the body of waste. The persons blood will become toxic and the person will die without dialysis or a kidney transplant. That's just with kidney failure. Of course you can live with only one kidney. Say you only had one kidney, that one kidney would have to be over 50% damaged before a person would possibly need to be on dialysis. To simply answer your question, you could have no problems with a damaged kidney, but failed kidneys will cause death.

yes,without one kidney, but not without both.

some people can live with just one kidney

Yes, it is possible to live normally with only 1 kidney. That is why it is possible to donate a kidney to someone who needs one, and to still live.

No it is not possible, yes in ESR stage some people are living. End-stage renal disease is where a persons' kidney function is too low to adequately support life without support, around 10% or less of normal function. Obviously without either kidney there will be no function.

Thanks to dialysis people live for many years with kidney failure

donating a kidney is when someone needs a kidney and you participate to go to surgery to remove you're kidney to give to the person in need. and you are left with one kidney but you will still live.

You have 2 kidneys. You can live a normal life with one.

Yes. Because if one kidney is removed because of a disease, the other kidney can perform the work of two.

Complete kidney failure means that your kidneys are no longer doing their jobs filtering your blood for byproducts/waste/toxins. You can tell that these patient hardly urinate if any at all. As the result, a person will not live more than 3-4 days before he/she will become very ill and die. The only treatment is kidney transplant. However, a person can survive with dialysis for years. This is an artificial machine that physically filter your blood and put it back into your body. This is done about 3 times a week. This is how a patient on a kidney transplant waiting list survive until they get their transplant. Without this machine, I doubt that any patients with kidneys failure live long enough to find the right match for surgery.

Yes they can still live with one kidney because the body doesn't use both of them it has two , because one is for a back up , however if the person only has one kidney and it was to fail then there is a risk of dying , hope i have helped you.

I think you mean Dialysis. Dialysis filters blood in your kidney for you when you go under kidney work or your kidneys doesn't function like its suppose to. You usually can live off of one kidney, but if your last kidney goes out(Kidney Failure) then they can you up to a dialysis machine and filter your kidneys for you. Hope this helps =]

couple weeks or months, depends on how much urine is being passed. No urine is being passed and person is not eating or taking fluids. is confused and now sleeping most of the time

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