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It will stay on your records forever.

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Q: How long can an DUI stay on your license in WI?
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How long does DUI expungement erase process in Madison wi?

Expungement can clear your entire record. It only applies if the DUI is the only thing on your record.

How long does an underage drinking ticket stay on your record in the state of WI?


Are the DUI laws of Illinois the same as the DUI laws in Milwaukee, WI?

The DUI laws are dependent per city as well as per county. However many of the basic rules are the same for state to state.

3rd time caught driving without license in wi what happens?

It depends upon why you license is revoked and the county. Lets say a bad case scenario is that you are revoked for multiple DUI's and the offense occurs in Waukesha County. You can expect to be convicted of a misdemeanor, fined over $1000 and spend probably a month or so in huber.

Can you get a cdl in WI with three DUI convictions?

You could, but what are you expecting to happen when you go to a prospective employer with three DUI convictions? You'd be better off to find a different line of work.

What kind of license does an arms dealer in Milwaukee, WI need?

They need a local business license and a federal license.

Do you have to have a License to drive a boat in Kansas?

Not if your in WI.

Can you get a WI drivers license if you now live in WI but was suspended in IL?

Not if the IL suspension is still in effect.

Can a ferret live in a rabbit cage outside in WI?

yes as long as the cage can stay steady with wind, rain or snow and as long as it is out of the wind, and it has to be warm and dry.

Can you keep cdl after two DUI in wi?

Not as long as the resulting suspension period from your DUI conviction is in effect. If it has passed, and you've reinstated your licence, you can upgrade it to a CDL. If your DUI occurred within the past 10 years, your prospects of finding employment as a CDL driver are slim. If it's been within the past five years, you'd be best advised to pursue another career path, and not waste your money getting a CDL.

What license Do you Need to do body piercings in WI?

Can a felon in Wisconsin get a fishing license?

Yes I am a felon living in WI with a current 2010 fishing license

If your license is revoked in WI can you get an occupational license in Texas?

No. All states share there DMV databases and honor each others drivers license restrictions.

Do you need a license in WI to drive a 150cc?

Yes. Anything over 50cc, a class M license is required.

Can you get a cdl in Wisconsin with a DUI from Texas?

If you have been adjudicated and completed your requirements for having your TX driving privileges restored, and are now a resident of WI, you can apply for a WI CDL. The question then becomes - will a prospective employer hire you with your past record?

If you are a Colorado resident and get a DUI in Colorado can Colorado use prior DUIs received in WI while a WI resident against you when WI is not part of the interstate compact?

Depends. If the DA finds out that you have prior DUI/DWIs in any other state, they can use that to info to charge you as a multiple offender. The interstate compact only deals with driving privileges/dmv issues. Yes they can. DMV's have some interstate thing where they are able to get your DMV history from any state in the US. Sorry,

How old do you have to be to drive a snowmobile?

First you have to take a class to get your license but in WI the age limit is 12.

How long would 1 joint stay in your system?

for me wi th a high metabolism and low body fat>4-5 daze

Do you have to pay a speeding ticket on the spot if you have an out of state license and get pulled over in WI?


How long is the flight from Milwaukee WI to Madison WI?

4 hours

How long does it take to drive from Greenfield WI to Delafield WI?


How long to drive from Milwaukee WI to green bay WI?

2 hours

Is kohler co going to stay in wi?

no they will take the co. to china

How much jail time does bail jumping a felony DUI charge receive in WI?

The max for any felony bail jumping in wisco is 6years and $10,000. But that's the MAX.

Can a felon get a cdl license in wi?

Yes. Getting the CDL isn't the problem - finding employment as a felon is.